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Orange is the New Black 6x04 Recap: "I'm the Talking Ass" (Nut Up, Buttercup) [Contributor: Chelsea Cruz]

"I'm the Talking Ass"
Original Airdate: July 27, 2018

In flashbacks, a teenage Nicky reads her speech aloud to her mother, Marka, while she is trying on dresses for Nicky’s bat mitzvah. Marka shows animosity toward Nicky and a real lack of any motherly empathy.

On the day of Nicky’s bat mitzvah, Les is annoyed on how much Nicky’s speech is influenced by her mother. In the middle of her speech, she gets into her sassy self and speaks from the heart. She starts questioning why she should honor a mother and father who never gave a crap about her. After Nicky’s bat mitzvah, instead of addressing their daughter’s concerns, her parents are furious and embarrassed to the point where neither of them want anything to do with her.


In the present day, Nicky discusses the terms of her deal with Les and Michelle. Following their first encounter in the previous episode, Michelle tries to get Nicky consider her best way out. The cards are laid on the table for her; she has until 5 p.m. to either give up Red or 70 years will be added to her sentence on drug charges. Nicky and Red try to converse through code; Red asks for her loyalty but Nicky is lost. She finally tells Red about her possible added sentence, leaving Red speechless. Their relationship is in for a shake-up when Nicky is torn between protecting herself and the only family she’s really known.

Maria, Piper, Blanca, Hoefler, and Badison walk through the halls, having been separated into different blocks. We learn that Maria has an added 10 years to her sentence after taking a plea deal for being a riot organizer. She asks if Piper ratted out anyone but learns that Piper only received six months on her sentence (which she associates with Piper's white privilege). Maria moves on to Blanca, but Blanca resists discussing if she got added time. Knowing that Blanca stayed loyal to Gloria by giving her up, this is an added chip on Maria’s shoulder.

Piper, Flaca, and Hoelfer are placed into C-Block with Badison, who is given a warm welcome from her small crew. Badison is as much a leader as Daddy, answering to the block’s kingpin — or should we say, queenpin. This sort of entitled power she thinks she has gets on everyone’s nerves, most notably Carol and Piper’s. If we were to mirror Badison and Piper’s relationship to Daddy and Daya’s, Badison’s false sense of helpfulness might come as a twist in the series.

CO’s Luschek, McCoullgh, and Blake are now working in Litchfield Max, and the three of them are being invited to join in on Fantasy Inmate. Luschek is excited, Blake doesn’t want any part of it. McCoullgh jumps on the invitation, insisting Blake join as well.

Alex and Piper reunite in C-Block, and Zirconia finds out that Maureen Kukido was the real inmate who passed away. Upon learning that CO Piscatella also died, Piper realizes that she unintentionally ratted Red out.

While an attorney is reading all of Taystee’s charges, a startling revelation is brought up: she is being charged for second-degree murder for the death of CO Piscatella. The attorney advises Taystee not to take this case to trial since she is being used as an scapegoat for the governor. A very vulnerable Taystee, with the help of her old friend CO Ward, speaks to Caputo for any kind of help she can get.

Struggling to find a job on the outside, Aleida Diaz is given an empowering speech by a Nurti-Herbal saleswoman — who successfully sells her on becoming a saleswoman as well. During visiting hours, Blanca speaks to her boyfriend who wants a life with her but has been dealing with immigration issues on the outside. Daya and Aleida’s visit is a bit more heartbreaking; Aleida comes to terms with the fact that her daughter is now serving a life sentence.

Coates, Dixon, and Pennsatucky (in her new manly disguise) make it to the amusement park, with Dixon questioning their relationship. After a fun day at the amusement park, Coates and Pennsatucky share a kiss that results in some passersby hassling them. Dixon comes to their defense and speaks about their hardship as a couple, finally accepting them as they are as well.


More details have been slowly revealed about the ladies of Litchfield Max. There’s the power struggle between Blocks C and D that we’ve continued to follow. We see more of Pennsatucky’s life outside, while also getting a long-awaited update on Aleida. Things are definitely not looking good for Red and Taystee, who are going to be the last ones left in dealing with riot charges. This episode also elaborated on the loyalties between each woman, reminding us that it’s not about where you come from but where you belong.

What will happen to Red and Taystee? Who do you like more: Badison or Daddy? How inspiring was that Nutri- Herbal salesman training audio book?

Let’s keep this binge-watch going!


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