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Younger 5x08 Recap: “The Bubble” (Love Is In The Air) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

“The Bubble”
Original Airdate: July 31, 2018

Happy New Year (in the world of Younger, that is)! No need to wait any more, so let’s just get right to it! After years of will-they-won't-they and back and forth, Charles and Liza finally consummate their relationship! They are together and living in the euphoria of the new relationship bubble. It is blissful, and this total honesty and trust between the two of them is such a good look for the couple.

It is a new year but the same wounds for Zane and Kelsey. Apparently, the holidays didn’t help Zane move on professionally or emotionally from the fact that Jake kicked him off the book (and solely chose Kelsey to edit his book). On their date, Jake takes Kelsey that he wants her to see the apartment that he just put a bid on. He’s up for a new gig in the city and thinks that he and Kelsey are building a solid foundation and relationship.

Kelsey tells Jake that she wants to put the breaks on their budding relationship until after the book is out. He tells Kelsey that he is fine but in a move completely on brand for Jake, he calls for a lunch with Charles and suggests that his book is pulled from Millennial and published under Empirical. Jake’s need to control everything is not only childish but unprofessional. Charles, always wanting to serve the clients first, takes this idea to Zane, who immediately advocates for Kelsey and for the book to remain with the Millennial imprint. Looks like Zane has developed even stronger feelings for Kelsey than he’s let on.

The new year brought changes in other ways for our team — in the form of a new beard for Charles. And while I think it’s super sexy, obviously it is not the most comfortable for Liza to kiss. When a new author comes in to pitch her book, she suggests that love is fueled by mystery. It is clear that Charles and Liza definitely have that now, stealing touches and glances while she speaks. This entire episode, really, was so sweet; we got to see them fresh and new in this relationship — in a bubble — even if just for a few nights. Seeing Charles lean fully into his desires with Liza and be carefree is so new for us. And for Liza to be her true self in every way and completely vulnerable was beyond wonderful. While watching the two of them steal kisses and act like teenagers is cute, I have to wonder: should they come up with a plan so that they do not get caught at work?

Speaking of the blissful bubble, Pauline enters to try and pop it. She makes a quick appearance after Reese Witherspoon’s team surprisingly invites her to a meeting about potential sequel option to Marriage Vacation. The Netflix mini-series is on hold until the company finds out if there can be an additional story. Pauline pitches a sequel under the guise of just a pitch — but she basically is letting Liza know that she is aware of the relationship between Liza and Charles. This scene is awkward but also a long time coming. Liza tries to deflect, defending by sharing her side of the story. But Pauline is persistent. Afterward, Pauline calls Charles to basically blackmail him and get the option to her sequel back... in exchange for keeping quiet about his relationship with Liza. Charles agrees because he wants and needs to do this for a chance at he and Liza having the relationship they both want and deserve.

Elsewhere in the episode, Lauren hosts a dinner party for her new lady crush... and it turns out to be Malkie (Sally Pressman), our favorite Orthodox Jewish ex of Maggie's. I am so happy we are finally getting a more well-rounded storyline for Maggie! Malkie challenges Maggie in ways that she needs and calls her out almost immediately for not wanting something substantial or real at her age. Lauren, surprisingly is not upset by the development that Maggie and Malkie still have feelings for each other; she is grateful to be the conduit to helping the two find their way back to each other. Lauren realizes that Malkie and Maggie deserve a second chance. Malkie asks Maggie if she is fully ready to be with her and Maggie, of course, responds with an over-the-top artistic grand gesture that means yes!

Tell me your thoughts. What did you like about the episode? Charles and Liza are all in! How much longer can this bliss last? Will Pauline really keep quiet or will this come back to bite all of them? Will Kelsey find out about what Jake did? Until next week!


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