Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Youth & Consequences 1x04 Review: “Wednesday Night Lights” (Gut the Fisch!) [Contributor: Alisa Williams]

“Wednesday Night Lights” 
Original Airdate: March 7, 2018

In episode four of YouTube Red’s Youth & Consequences, the girls’ cross country and lacrosse teams have been cut at Rochester High and the girls are protesting. Farrah’s BFF Hurley is on the lacrosse team and if she doesn’t play, then she has no chance at a scholarship to college. Farrah and Jayne are all about helping their friend and finding out why the school suddenly has no money for the girls’ teams, while the boys’ teams remain untouched. But fellow squad member Jane isn’t really interested in helping. She doesn’t see what the big deal is and says girls’ teams get screwed all the time and it’s not like this is something important like human trafficking.

While Jayne does some digging on the budget issue and Hurley protests, Farrah pays a visit to Colin. He’s been listening to the upskirt videos from Chadwick’s office and discovered a student who suffers from social anxiety like he does. It’s Ilo’s sister, Hannah, and Farrah teases him about having a crush on her. Before she can bug him too much, Principal Cowher gets home and since that’s who Farrah was really interested in seeing, she skips out to chat with her. She manages to find out that Principal Cowher doesn’t know much about the sports budget; it’s managed by the athletic director, Mr. Fischer, and she just takes his word on the fact that the girls’ teams aren’t pulling their weight at bringing in enough funds to be sustainable.

Farrah heads off to the girls’ soccer game that’s playing to get more info. Meanwhile, new couple Hook and Jane are restocking the snack bar with Hook’s “product.” He stocks his alcohol-laced flavored water next to the regular water and no one’s the wiser — except Grace Ho, who manages the snack bar and is still not entirely comfortable with this forced partnership.

Farrah walks up and sees Jane and Hook all snuggly, which gets Jane super nervous that Farrah won’t approve of her dating Hook. But Farrah says she doesn’t care; she has bigger issues to deal with anyway. She asks Grace where the money from the snack bar goes. Hook’s profit goes straight into his pocket, but the money from legitimate sales goes to Director Fischer. Jayne’s also found out some useful information — cash from ticket sales also gets delivered to Fischer.

Farrah tells Hurley that they’ll be paying a visit to Fischer’s office, but Hurley’s a little nervous. He’s a family friend and helped get her brother into college. She’s afraid if she’s involved in confronting him, she’ll lose out on her own chance at college. But Farrah insists, and she has a plan. She pretends they work for the student paper and just want to interview him. Fischer paints a dire picture about how the money’s just not there. Farrah smells a rat, because she knows how much money comes in from the snack bar and ticket sales, and something’s just not adding up in Fischer’s story.

She employs Colin’s help to steal his mom’s keys so they can sneak into Fischer’s office. While they’re chatting, she also encourages Colin to get out of his comfort zone and actually talk to Hannah. He follows her advice and visits the school cafeteria — a place he never goes — in order to talk with Hannah in the lunch line.

Farrah’s also having an effect on another budding relationship — Hook and Jane. Jane’s still not convinced there’s nothing between Farrah and Hook. Even though she’s already questioned him about Farrah, she brings it up again. Hook is patient about it and reassures her that there is nothing, and has never been anything, between him and Farrah other than friendship.

That evening, Farrah and Colin sneak into Director Fischer’s office and find the budget spreadsheet that proves he’s been funneling all the money into football — even the money the girls’ teams make. It seems he’s been trying to relive some of his past glory as a former football star.

Back in her bedroom that night, Farrah video chats with Will, who wants to know how she’s doing now that her dad’s moved out. She says she’s fine and he tells her not to push him away like she does everyone else. After all, he was there that night when Farrah first discovered her dad was cheating. After she hangs up with Will, she rewatches the video of that night. Will had been filming her just goofing around in his car downtown when they caught her dad making out with a woman. And not just any woman — the superintendent of the school, who also happens to be the mom of Farrah’s ex-best friend, Stacey Moorhead. So this explains where the video came from and why Farrah and Stacey are no longer friends.

While Farrah’s been reliving not-so-pleasant memories, Colin’s gotten the Crotch post ready about Director Fischer. He posts it and titles it “Gut the Fisch!” The next morning at school all of the girls are protesting in the halls, shouting “Gut the Fisch!” Even Jane has decided to show her support. Surprisingly, all of the boys show up in solidarity and start shouting it as well. With all that pressure, plus the evidence posted to the Crotch, the girls’ teams are reinstated.

At the next game, Grace demands that Hook give her a cut of his profits. He refuses but when a friendly police officer approaches the booth, she offers to sell him a flavored water. He’d only need to take one sip to realize it was laced with vodka. At the last moment, she tells him she won’t let him put all those artificial chemicals in his body, and hands him a regular water instead, but Hook got the hint. He’ll give her a cut of his profits — or suffer the consequences. Farrah overhears the whole exchange and doesn’t like what she’s seeing. Grace is getting a little out of control with her newfound fame and power as student council president. Something has to be done.


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