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Jane the Virgin 2x08 “Chapter Thirty” (Another Perspective) [Contributor: Connie]

"Chapter Thirty"
Original Airdate: December 15, 2015

Who doesn’t want to spend Christmas with the Villanuevas? Chapter 30 balanced the joy of the holidays with Jane’s rage at Rafael very well. It ended on a happy note for most of the characters, but Petra cliffhanger shows us viewers that things aren’t going to stay that way. Let’s dive in!

First of all, this episode’s use of time and perspective was wonderful. From Jane’s stories (especially the Alba/Mateo flashback) to the therapy scenes where Jane and Raf switched voices, the show proved that they haven’t run out of great ways to experiment with storytelling. I love this show and its brilliance. It’s also important in establishing empathy, both in the storytelling and in real life. We don’t often put ourselves in other people’s shoes to understand why they make the decisions they do. We fail to realize that people have different motivations and considerations (like how Jane didn’t think about Rafael’s father being murdered by Rose). Those natural biases keep us from empathy, which can keep us apart. Jane and Rafael learned that small lesson today. It’s also why TV and art in general are so important because we see the world through the eyes of other people, other writers, other characters. They broaden our worldview and make us empathetic to things we might have not considered before. TV saves lives, guys. Of this, I am sure.

Besides the fantastical and inventive storytelling, one of the things I love about Jane the Virgin is how real it is with their relationships. As we know, the show and its fans are primarily divided into Team Rafael and Team Michael (or as we say on the site, Team Rose Petals and Team Snowflakes), with those two factions venn diagrammed into a center “Team Jane” circle. Yet, neither relationship is necessarily perfect or viewed as better than the other by the show itself. Both have flaws, though Rafael and Jane’s relationship has more of them. And as the episode was starting, I thought "these two need therapy." And the show really put them into it. It was a one-off moment, it seems, but I believe that the show will explore the fact that one therapy session does not fix a relationship for two people as scarred as Jane and Rafael, especially when there’s a baby in the mix.

I also loved Rogelio’s honestly with Xiomara about the whole situation. He is Team Snowflakes, but Jane’s willingness to push Rafael out in her anger and Xo’s encouragement really do a number on his feelings. But he was so honest and upfront with Xo about it, as well as with Jane. Look at our Lavender King maturing before our very eyes!



I don’t think we talk enough as a fandom about Ivonne Coll. Though they are not related in real life, Gina Rodriguez as Jane clearly inherited the ability to make anyone cry when they cry from Ivonne. Her teary joy as she opened the envelope was so palpable! Ivonne’s warmth and calm are so soothing and she also has to balance the language barrier between her and the audience. Even as a Spanish-speaking actor, that can’t be an easy task — knowing you have to connect with an audience who literally doesn’t speak your language. But her interactions with Jane and Xo transcend language and make it so easy to understand her, even when you’re not reading the subtitles. Team Alba! Also the actress who plays young Alba, Rosie Garcia, is wonderful and I hope we can meet angry!Alba in the present as well!


I only thought briefly about how Jane was paying for school, especially since she is not working right now. But I love love love that Rogelio secretly fronted the money for her schooling. It’s totally something he would do, and it was a sweet gesture since he knew Jane wouldn’t want to take it. My question, however, is where did the money for the second semester go? Did Rogelio just not give enough upfront? Or did it disappear somewhere? Knowing this show, it’s probably the latter.


As you know, I am Team Flower Petals, but of course it’s sweet that Michael had the angel for the top of the Christmas tree fixed and painted. It shows how much he knows the Villanuevas, not just Jane. He knew how important that topper was to Alba, so he made sure to get it fixed and return it, even as he keeps his distance from everyone in the family. Including Rogelio, who is torn up about it. I think he’s taking Michael’s absence from their lives harder than Jane did; she’d actively given up on him a few episodes ago, even if he lingered on in the recesses of her heart. But it’s good that Rogelio and Jane can bond over missing Michael and missing all those years together, in a way that Michael was only a middleman, or a sounding board.


While Rafael’s presence at the precinct somewhat disproves my theory from last week that he and Michael planned the firing as a cover for Michael’s undercover work, which Mateo only accidentally got involved in, I still think there is way more to the story. Rafael is not a bad person. He didn’t exactly learn how to express himself or his love or concern from anyone in particular, so he needs a little more therapy than most (and I hope he gets it), but he does try. Of course, Rafael begins to get incredibly petty when his mother arrives in town, thus culminating in the alcohol. Le sigh.

Although the number Jane calls turns out to be a domestic abuse hotline that Rafael sponsors, what if it really isn't? What if that’s a Mutter front...? What if...?! (This show spawns so many theories. I can’t trust anything!)


Rogelio might have found his next big project! That is indeed a needed miracle so he can afford toppings on his pizza (but then who paid for the pedicures they received?). Wait, did Rogelio say it was about a time traveler? IS ROGELIO ABOUT TO BE A FAKE DOCTOR WHO?

However, from the files of the ghost of Christmas past: Magda, our scrooge, does not learn a wonderful lesson about being kind at Christmas. She senses Petra’s betrayal and calls the cops on her before Petra can turn her in. That conniving! I think if there’s any character you can truly hate on this show, it’s Magda. You should not have your pregnant, chronic morning-sickness-ailed daughter, who is carrying your twin grandchildren scrubbing blood from the floor. Petra needs to reduce stress, which is hard to do from prison.

Rattles and Rockets: 
  • Aww, Jane’s teacher is forming a bigger and bigger soft spot for Jane. I wonder if the writers will attempt to pair them together at all, even if briefly. 
  • Cell Phone. Avocado Masks. Lavender. Mirror. 
  • Also Jane’s M turning to Mateo. Heart eyes emoji. 
  • Jane unlinked their calendars. :(
  • Abuela’s face when she found out Jane yelled at Santa Claus. 
  • “I can still see the blood.” “Easy there, Lady Macbeth.” 
  • “I would tell you what Jane said next, but I’m a gentleman.” 
  • Elodea Gale Vigor 
  • Why is baby Mateo so cute though? 
  • “Do I have something there? Oh. Maybe it’s just my nipple.” LUISA. 
  • “Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Because I’m thinking I hope they tell us what they’re thinking because I have no idea!” I should probably just have a section of Narrator moments, because man. So good. 
  • The Prince William test 
  • Dr. Damprey really needed some backstory. I hope they told her everything in a Sexy Latin Lover voice. 
  • Could she be Sin Rostro at all? Or connected in anyway? Hmm. 
  • “I misled you for your own good.” Almost the subtitle, but that would’ve been too long. But wow is Jane surrounded by people who do this. Michael is doing it, Rafael lying for six months, Rogelio, and now her teacher. I love that everyone wants to help her, but I hope that Jane is able to take more charge. 
  • Where is Mia Alver? 
  • And why is Magda so awful?! 
See you guys in January!


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