Saturday, July 25, 2015

#JennAtSDCC: Comic-Con, Sunday Edition ("... I don't want to go.")

If you missed any of my San Diego Comic-Con 2015 coverage, here's a little handy guide for what has been posted thus far (I'll have two more interviews -- one with the producers and stars of Zoo, and the other with the producers and stars of the upcoming CBS series Limitless) posted before the entire weekend recap is over):

And so, this brings us to the final day of Comic-Con: Sunday. Honestly, when I perused the schedule of panels and activities for Sunday morning and afternoon, I was relieved. (And also really mad that Comic-Con doesn't release their schedule in enough time for people to make better flight arrangements, because I would have left Sunday afternoon had I known.) As it turns out, there was nothing on the schedule I was interested in seeing. I'm not a fan of Supernatural, which was one of the biggest headliners of that morning. 

When I woke up on Sunday, I had gotten a lot of sleep but was still exhausted. And sick. Like, really feeling horrible. Ilene was too, so she and the other girls went to breakfast and stopped at CVS to get some decongestant. (Which worked miracles for a few hours.) Meanwhile, I woke up prepared to go to brunch with Natalie at Cafe 21 in the Gaslamp District. Unfortunately, she couldn't make it, but I went anyway and it was AMAZING. And cheap! Even though I had a sore throat, I was determined to have a mimosa (after you've been looking forward to one for the entire weekend, it's a necessity) and a crepe.



Cafe 21 was actually relatively on-par with other brunch places -- my entire meal cost me less than $20 -- and the food was really good. Totally worth it, so if you're in San Diego for Comic-Con next year (or just in general), definitely check this place out. They have a lunch menu too!

After breakfast, the girls and I spent our final hours together (minus Emmy) at the convention walking the floor. Before we got there though, right outside of the convention center, there happened to be a little bit of a fandom-centric street fair. And blessedly, Scream Queens had an ice cream cart set up there! All you had to do was take a photo in front of the cart and use the hashtag they requested to post your photo on social media. BAM. Free ice cream. 

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Scream Queens!
(And ice cream. Duh doy.)

(For the record, free ice cream is better than regular ice cream, and felt amazing on my throat.)

Inside, we walked... er, SHUFFLED through throngs of people on the floor in order to see just how insane the Funko line was. As it turns out, it was a) insane and b) barely had anything left in stock. I decided that it was better to order online than to try and brave THAT crowd for the next few hours. "Free" just so happened to be the word when it came to the floor at Comic-Con, and while we were  wandering around, looking for swag, we happened upon a table that was giving away free Agents of SHIELD posters. 

Even though I don't watch SHIELD, I thought the poster was really cool and would be great for a giveaway!... Unfortunately here's what ended up happening: I got on my first airplane of the night in San Diego and looked into my purse, where I had stashed the poster. And I found out that my water bottle had somehow opened and emptied a quarter of itself into my bag, ruining my poster (among other things). SO BUMMED.

Still, the girls and I enjoyed shuffling through the floor and looking at some of the artist stalls, we all decided to call it an afternoon and ended up meeting up with Ilene again at the nearby Marriott to charge our phones and crash until we all needed to leave.


This, my friends, is the epitome of the final day of Comic-Con in a single photograph (however unflattering the angle may be. THANKS JAMIE.) -- all of us exhausted, playing on our phones, and using our bags as pillows.

Comic-Con was an absolutely amazing experience. It was exhausting and stressful at times, but totally worth all of the energy that I put into it. I headed back to Orlando feeling happy and grateful (and really blessed by God because SERIOUSLY my flight back home was also delayed and I had a connection to make, but Frontier Airlines made sure that all of our connecting flights were held for us and that everyone got home safely). ... And sick. If you can avoid flying with a cold, do so. Flying with mine made landing in Orlando super painful on my ears and revealed that I had a double ear infection. YAYYYYYYYY #CONCRUD!

Seriously though, guys, I'm: a) so grateful that I got to spend time with amazing people while I was in San Diego, b) so happy I had the chance to meet new people, make connections, and make memories. 

I'll see you next year, San Diego.

This time I'll remember to bring Emergen-C.

Cosplay of the Day - Sunday:



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