Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mindy Kaling! Today We Celebrate You... Through GIFs.

A while back, I celebrated Danny Pudi's 35th birthday with a blog post, so I thought that it was only fitting to celebrate Mindy Kaling's in the same manner (maybe this will become a trend). When I watched The Office, I was fascinated with the off-the-rails, occasionally annoying, self-absorbed character of Kelly Kapoor. She was crazy, plain and simple, and there was something so hilarious about that crazy. I thought that no one could possibly say or do the things that she did, and then I looked around at some of the people in my own life and thought: "Well, maybe that's not entirely implausible behavior." Mindy Kaling started her own series after The Office ended titled The Mindy Project. I admit to not enjoying the first few episodes, but I eventually (thanks to the lovely people on Tumblr) found my way back to the series and after marathoning, have been delighted with it ever since. After reading Mindy's book, I found her to be even more endearing and desperately wished that I could be her best friend. That's the thing about Mindy Kaling, y'all: she is the kind of person you want as your best friend. And not because you want to take Instagram photos together or live-tweet The Real Housewives or something like that (though that would be a lot of fun), but because she's the kind of person who seems intelligent enough to hold a deep conversation with you about feminism or body image, but who is also fun enough to drive with you in the middle of the night to get ice cream. When I say that I adore Mindy Kaling, it's not because she actively talks about societal standards of beauty or how intelligent she is as a comedian. I don't even adore her because she's a successful sitcom show runner, a female playing in the pool primarily occupied by males. No, when I say that I adore Mindy Kaling it's because she's always herself and never apologizes for it. That's courageous, in a life where people try to hide who they truly are in order to please others. Mindy is unapologetic and that's not only admirable; it's also beautiful. She's an exceptionally talented writer with the ability to tap into the romance and comedy on both the broad and intimate spectrum, and also a delightful performer. And for all of those reasons and many more, we celebrate Mindy Kaling for the person she is, all that she's accomplished, and all she will accomplish in the coming year.

And now, some fun: click below the cut for a collection of some of my favorite Mindy Kaling/Mindy Lahiri/Kelly Kapoor GIFs (that I'm borrowing because I did not make them; I'm not talented in that area). And hit up the comments with some of your own favorite Mindy moments, too!

Being your own role model.

Thank you, Mindy Lahiri, for reminding us that it's okay to be our own role models.


Truth: this is essentially what I do whenever I come home from a run or workout.

Mindy vs. Attractive Men

This is probably one of the biggest GPOYs ever to occur on The Mindy Project. Haven't you ever met someone so utterly attractive that the only problem is then they follow it up by opening their mouth and ruining everything? Whether they say something insulting or douchey or both, it's just a massive disappointment. *sigh*


If you don't relate to this GIF on a spiritual level, we're probably not friends.

Working Out


If you follow me on Twitter, you'll notice that sometimes I will follow up a work-out tweet with #runningfortheTARDIS. That's a hashtag that my friend Kim and I devised in order to help motivate us to run. You see, when The Doctor shows up with his TARDIS and invites us to become his companions, we're going to need to be in physically fit shape to outrun the Cybermen and the Daleks and any other creature that would be chasing us.

... This is the kind of thing I need to tell myself in order to motivate me to run. I get you, Mindy. I get you.

Another #GPOY

I feel ya, Kelly. I feel ya.

Being Bored at Work

... Seriously this must be the most relatable GIF on the Internet, especially for those of us who work in office settings and occasionally get so bored with our monotonous work (like copying and pasting lines of text for three hours) that we just want to scream.


Sometimes I feel the need to give a GIF a standing ovation. This is that GIF.

Mindy Lahiri Has a Plan

This is also basically my plan. FYI, I'm terrible in an emergency situation. I am not the person you want to be around because I essentially just freeze up in fear.


Thanks, Mindy Lahiri!

And thank you to Mindy Kaling for, you know, being born and stuff. You're such a joy to watch during interviews and I'm thrilled at all of the success you've had. You clearly care immensely about comedy and the characters you create. You also care deeply about the stories you tell, especially romantic stories. It says a lot about you that you care as much as you do and put time and effort into your craft as a writer. I can't wait for next season of The Mindy Project and I'm equally as excited for your next book to come out. Basically, I'm just excited for my life to contain at least 55% more Mindy Kaling soon.



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