Friday, May 30, 2014

Jenn's Pick: 100 Things I Like

Earlier today, Brittany asked each of us to list things that we like. It was so wonderful to see everyone posting about some of their favorite things, whether the things that were being noted were people or places or abstract ideas. Everyone has something (or multiple somethings) in their life that fill them with joy. It can be the simplest thing, like that feeling you get from cuddling up in warm sheets from the dryer. Or it can be something significant like the memory of a child's birth.

Whatever fills you with joy and happiness is important because it triggers something within you. It triggers a memory or an emotion and in an instant, suddenly your entire day has turned around. So, beneath the cut, I expanded on my answer to Brittany and I've listed 100 things that make me happy. Bear in mind that this isn't an end-all-be-all list and I've very likely forgot something that makes me happy. 

Feel more than welcome to fill the comments with things that make YOU happy, no matter how small or silly they may seem. Don't be shy and don't be embarrassed. If something causes you joy, share it with the rest of us. And who knows, maybe you'll find that other people enjoy the same little and big things that you do! :)

  1. Clothes and sheets fresh from the dryer
  2. The smell of vanilla
  3. Driving with the windows down
  4. Bonfires
  5. Macaroni and cheese
  6. A warm cup of coffee or tea after getting caught in the rain
  7. Vibrant sunsets
  8. Rain storms
  9. The smell and feel of old books with yellowed pages
  10. Stained glass churches and chapels
  11. Naps
  12. Piano-playing
  13. New notebooks or journals
  14. Collecting sea shells
  15. Lightning bugs
  16. Vacations with my family
  17. The smell of sunscreen
  18. Seeing your breath on a cold night
  19. Sights and sounds at carnivals and festivals
  20. Summer camps
  21. Freshly cut grass
  22. Wishing on daffodils
  23. Porches and porch swings
  24. Smelling like whomever you just spent time with
  25. Seeing rows of houses lit up with Christmas lights
  26. Rolling down grassy hills
  27. Water balloon fights
  28. Snow that sticks to and then melts in your hair
  29. Cuddling (with anything/anyone)
  30. Libraries
  31. Monarch butterflies
  32. The weightless feeling of riding your bike down a hill
  33. Finishing a long run/crossing a finish line
  34. Babies' tiny eyelashes
  35. Poetry
  36. The utter silence and stillness of being underwater
  37. Scruffy beards
  38. Warm brownies and ice cream
  39. Days out of work/school early
  40. Warm summer breezes drifting through open windows with billowing curtains
  41. Violin music
  42. Running through sprinklers or rain
  43. Laughing until you cry
  44. Crying until you laugh
  45. Perfectly painting your nails by yourself
  46. Inside jokes with friends
  47. Kittens and puppies
  48. Daydreaming
  49. Wearing a tiara
  50. Scrapbooking
  51. Fireplaces
  52. Lighting candles
  53. Brightly colored scarves
  54. Reminiscing with family members
  55. Summer cookouts
  56. Hay rides and cornfield mazes
  57. Old television shows
  58. Laughter of any and every kind
  59. Kicking to see how high I can swing on swing sets
  60. Hugging people who are taller than I am (thanks for this one, Jaime)
  61. Intertwined hands
  62. People singing in unison
  63. Sitting on docks and piers, dangling feet into the water
  64. Giving and receiving compliments
  65. Wearing pigtails
  66. Trampolines
  67. Selfies
  68. The smell of rain on the pavement
  69. Little children dressed to the nines
  70. The sound of waves breaking
  71. Social media friendships
  72. Movie theater popcorn
  73. Sitting on a theatre stage
  74. Decorative tea cups and coffee mugs
  75. Buttercream frosting
  76. Red velvet cake anything
  77. The creaking of the floorboards in my grandmother's house
  78. Vintage jewelry
  79. Clear nights when you can see all of the stars
  80. Applause from an audience full of people
  81. Playbills
  82. Scented markers and stickers
  83. Childhood plastic toys
  84. Footie pajamas
  85. Opening presents and stockings on Christmas morning
  86. Cookies fresh from the oven
  87. New carpet
  88. The sight (not sound) of peacocks
  89. Candlelight services
  90. Kissing
  91. The first day of school
  92. Praying
  93. A field of sunflowers
  94. All A's on a report card
  95. Photo albums
  96. Dancing at weddings 
  97. Broadway musicals
  98. Sitting under a tree and writing
  99. Bridal and baby showers
  100. Sharing all of these experiences with the people I love most


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