Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Community" Special Announcement!

Community is almost back, y'all! And this means one thing: this blog will be hopping for a week-long countdown to the February 7th premiere. What exactly will happen each day of the week leading up to the season four return is pretty simple. And it's all controlled by YOU.

Here's how everything will go down:

Beginning tonight (January 27th), through Wednesday (January 30th), you all get the opportunity to list Community-related superlatives that you'd like to see covered on the blog. You have until 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday in which to nominate these categories.

What are Community-related superlatives, you ask? These are categories you desperately want to know my answers to and can be topics such as: Favorite Season, Favorite Chang Pun, Most Epic Winger Speech, etc. (Be creative, be fun, and suggest as many as you would like!) On January 31st, exactly one week until Community's premiere, I will select seven of the best categories and answer one per day in a blog post.

So how, exactly, do you nominate categories? Simple! Tweet (@notajenny), DM, e-mail, or drop a comment on this post nominating a category. I'll pick the seven best categories and answer them throughout the week. So what are you all waiting for?



  1. Suppose I'll get the obvious one out of the way first

    Favorite Jeff/Annie moment

  2. Favorite set/location
    Favorite song/musical moment
    Favorite spoof/pop culture reference
    Favorite shirtless Jeff moment ;)
    Biggest tear-jerker (episode or single moment)
    Biggest laugh out loud moment
    Most Epic Winger Speech
    Episode that most grew on you
    Biggest surprise

  3. Most Underrated Episode.
    Favorite Parody/Themed Episode.
    Favorite Supporting Character.
    Favorite Season.
    Favorite Troy/Abed moment.
    Favorite non-Troy/Abed duo.
    Favorite Jeff/Annie moment/episode.
    Favorite Guest Star.

  4. Favorite Line
    Favorite "Dramatic" Moment