Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween on Valentine's Day? THAT'S October 19th! (Community's Return)

Well, folks, it has been officially announced that Community will return to our lives and small screens on February 7th, 2013 at 8PM.

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking: "But... wait. That means the Halloween episode will air on Valentine's Day."


You're thinking: "But... wait. February 7th is a Thursday. That means we're replacing 30 Rock, right? And that means we'll be back in our old time slot, facing the same competition we have for the last three years."


And you're also probably thinking: "But... wait. Thirteen episodes would take us into May, without any breaks. And the middle or end of May if we DID take weeks off. So that means we're not getting a back nine."


I am excited for Community to return, of course. Don't get me wrong -- I don't mean, by those previous statements, to undermine my excitement for the show's imminent (well, in a few months' time) return. I am quire looking forward to all of the hyped episodes that have been written and produced and will finally be able to be seen.

If NBC's desire is to beat the fans of this show down until they are no longer excited or anticipating the return of their favorite comedy, then they will have to work a lot harder to bring that goal to fruition. Community fans are resilient and determined, albeit small. We don't sit back and let things happen to our show without first having a say in it. Or a foot. Or a felt goatee. 

8PM on Thursdays is a battle -- it's like, a Hunger Games-style battle for viewers -- and it's one we have fought for the past three years. But even in its hostility, that timeslot still feels like home to me. It would feel strange, I think, for Community to air at any other time (but, you know, not on any other network... TBS, feel free to jump in and pick up more of the show, please!). 

(And really, in that vein, we saw how Scrubs managed to survive in spite of it being dropped by NBC and then picked up by ABC for an eighth season. So it IS possible.)

Regardless, the-little-show-that-could is as resilient as its fanbase, and I encourage everyone to be supportive of our show but not (and PLEASE hear me out on this) negative toward other shows. It's really irksome to me when I read about how people badmouth and belittle other television shows. I may not like Whitney, but it's for content reasons and not because the show returned to the air sooner than our show did. And I may not care about Fringe, but that doesn't mean I sit around and pray that the show gets cancelled either. I don't want other shows to suffer just because OURS had to.

Dearest Community fans: you KNOW how hard you have fought for this show. Some of you have literally taken to the streets in an attempt to save it. We have made every effort under the sun known to keep this show alive and keep it on NBC's radar. So why would you sit and badmouth upcoming shows, hoping that they get cancelled in a vindictive effort to return our show to the air sooner? 

Again -- please just think about, for a moment, if fans of other television shows vocally did that to US. Just because our show suffers in the ratings does not give us a right to slander other shows before they air, no matter how terrible they may or may not be. And that's part of the point -- we don't KNOW what they will be like when they air nor, frankly, can we convince NBC to cancel shows by refusing to watch them or badmouthing them via social media outlets (Lord knows a lot of people tried that with Whitney). I know you all would not let Twitter or Facebook or any other place on the Internet hear the end of it if WE were being attacked by another fanbase, so please... don't do that to others. Especially other fanbases that don't even exist yet. Who knows -- we may even be friends with them. :)

That being said, I still encourage you all to find constructive and helpful ways to benefit the fandom. Still try to get your friends to watch the show. We have PLENTY of time for lots of friends/family members/co-workers, etc. to get caught up before the new season airs. Spread the word about the show, regardless of the fact that it is (99% likely) its last season. TWEET KIND THINGS to the cast members, writers, and crew. The latter two don't get told enough how awesome they are. If you're so inclined, find nice ways to thank them, much like we recently did with the "It's Not a Pen, It's An Award" awards.

And, as always, remember that we are ALL in this together (and please, no one start singing anything from High School Musical because... it's already stuck in my head) and since these are very likely our last thirteen episodes, let's make the time leading up to them count, eh? :)

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  1. *SLOW CLAP*

    Love you, Jenn. I'm grateful that our little show brought you into my life :-)