Sunday, October 16, 2022

The Resident 6x04 Review: “It Won't Be Like This for Long” (Take a Breath) [Contributor: Justine]

“It Won't Be Like This for Long”
Original Airdate: October 11, 2022

The Resident is back with some strange character choices and some hit-or-miss storytelling. It feels like this episode is a bridge between the phenomenal “One Bullet” storyline and the upcoming 100th episode. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps The Resident is taking a much-needed breather between two intense storylines. This may work in the long term and ensure that stories aren’t spread too thin. 

Conrad as a dad is the best Conrad, and that is a fact. Any time he spends with Gigi is time well-spent. This episode is the perfect opportunity to showcase what a great father Conrad is when he’s at his best. The best part is that he’s not just given accolades for doing the bare minimum. It’s clear he’s actually making an effort to raise his daughter and be an integral part of her life. He takes the time to actually listen to her concerns. So many parents would have heard the tell-tale fake cough and sent their child about their day; Conrad takes that extra step to listen to what has Gigi so anxious. 

I’m honestly conflicted with where Leela’s character is going. As time goes on, it seems as though she’s consistently pushed further and further into the background. It’s a shame because she is arguably the character with the most potential. It’s the little moments that are the worst, seeing how so many characters around her invalidate her. Sitting at the table with Devon, watching him wrapped up in his work, just to have him blow Leela off is a sting to her fans. Hopefully her story won’t become solely wrapped up in her getting back together with Devon. There is a lot more she has to offer.

Feldman clearly has something happening in his life to make him this miserable. His conflict with Devon makes absolutely no sense. There could have been a compelling story, centering on Devon’s challenges re-integrating into a previous role after having moved on to research. However, Feldman just seems to want to fight for the sake of fighting. These two were mostly on friendly terms but it’s as if something happened off screen that has caused this rift in their relationship. Nothing about this situation is compelling. 

Ian’s storyline is heading nowhere good any time soon. Every time he handles an infant, I honestly expect the worst. It’s clear that this man is suffering: addiction is an illness, and anyone who lives with it will go to extensive lengths to get any kind of relief. Andrew McCarthy does a phenomenal job of showing this desperation for relief. This story could either be very compelling or very dishonest if done incorrectly. Addiction is so often misunderstood in the media but hopefully The Resident doesn’t drop the ball.

Relatedly, Cade is probably the most relatable she’s been, with Kaley Ronayne giving a heartbreaking performance. While it’s good to see this character outside of the continued romantic relationship that this show is insistent on setting up, it’s still too bad that viewers only know this character in the context of her relationship with another man. Being the child of a parent with addiction is a heavy burden to bear. If Ian’s story needs to be done right, so does Cade’s. 

This was a possibly inevitable misstep in what’s been a strong start to this season for The Resident. With all of the effort going into the upcoming 100th episode, it’s too bad some of the star power couldn’t be expended here. There are still interesting stories being set up and the staff at Chastain clearly have a lot more coming their way. They deserve nothing but the best. 

Other Things:

  • The Resident is still holding back on the KitBell content. I guess they want fans to get the full effect during the wedding in the 100th episode.
  • Daddy. Raptor. Seriously, there has rarely been a man so suited to fatherhood as A.J. is. Those twins don’t know how lucky they are.
  • Maya is going to be a fantastic doctor. Hopefully we get to spend more time with her as the season continues, and we can watch her shine. 
  • ”My cousin, his eyes used to be dilated like that. It turns out he was in withdrawal at the time. You're not in withdrawal are you, Dr. Sullivan?”
  • “Hold up, you're saying dozens of neurologists who all diagnosed her with myasthenia gravis are wrong, all because you have spidey sense?”
  • “I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment to you, Ian.”


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