Friday, September 27, 2019

One Chicago Recap: Season Premieres of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. [Contributor: Araceli Aviles]

Given how far along each show in the One Chicago universe is in, they’d have to do something pretty shocking to jolt us out of our summer mood. It was not one, but all three shows, which said goodbye to an original cast member. Read on to see which one of your favorites will not be continuing on in Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. this year.

Chicago Med

Given the events of the premiere, the theme of the hour should have been that everyone be mandated to see a psychiatrist immediately! But alas, Dr. Charles is only one man and he was otherwise occupied. Besides, how could he have known that Ava — whose sociopathic behavior became known when it was revealed she killed Connor’s father — would slice her own throat in the middle of the OR? Nor could he have known that Dr. Manning’s possessive boyfriend (Pretty Little Liars’ Ian Harding) would take advantage of her shaky, post-car crash memory and claim her as his fiancée? Long story short, Dr. Connor Rhodes has departed Med for a fresh start. We can only hope that Dr. Manning’s “fiancée” departs in a less violent manner.

Chicago Fire

Not since the season three premiere has Firehouse 51 faced such a tremendous loss. But five years later, we knew this one was going to be just as heartbreaking. In the first ten minutes of the premiere we watched as Brian "Otis" Zvonecek, took his final breaths of life. Three months later, Otis’s picture is up on the wall next to Shay’s. This, I must admit, made me feel queasy in its finality. It was only matched on the Tearjerker Scale by the memorial Chief Boden commissions for Otis right outside the firehouse.

What, hopefully, is not so final is Brett’s move back home. Sure, she tried it out for a few months. But the lack of adrenaline at the local fire department, plus a series of run-ins with people eager to box her into the person she used to be, should only prove to Brett that her place is in Chicago.

Chicago P.D.

I’m gonna pat myself on the back for predicting that Voight did not murder the mayor. After he got away with killing the man who murdered his son a few seasons back, it would have been too predictable. For a while, I thought that perhaps Antonio might have done it as revenge for Adam’s imprisonment. But as it turns out, Voight and Antonio were each other’s alibis, as Voight had been in the middle of taking Antonio to rehab at the time of the murder. Thus we say goodbye to original cast member Jon Seda, praying that his character finally gets the help he so desperately needs.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s murderer was, in fact, Superintendent Kate Brennan. Voight didn’t have the heart to bring her in, given the chokehold of pressure Kelton had her under, which ultimately pushed her over the edge. Before she could make any decisions, be it a suicidal confession or something else, Halstead came to the rescue. Or... did he? Voight was not too happy with Halstead’s constant questioning of his actions during this case, to the point that Voight invited him to leave Intelligence. Yikes!

The One Chicago universe lost three of its original cast members in one night. Where will these losses take those left behind?


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