Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Younger 6x03 Recap: “The Unusual Suspect” (What Are You Keeping From Me?) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

“The Unusual Suspect”
Original Airdate: June 26, 2019

As the time jumps in the season, we are jumping right into this week’s episode!

Josh and Clare are basically the perfect co-parents with their new baby girl and show signs of wanting to get back together. Should they be together? Haven’t they done this dance a million times before? Having a baby is a forever bond, but I am grateful after a night of spooning, they decide to get divorced and continue to be stellar co-parents. Hopefully this civil turn in their relationship lasts!

One thing that is not so rosy is Maggie’s inability to look at the female body the same since she had to quite literally catch Josh and Clare’s baby out of the birth canal. To help, Lauren takes Maggie to a support group full of men who are also having trouble with loving their women’s bodies again, post-birth. There, she meets Beth (Nicole Ari Parker) and quickly gets her groove back after group therapy and a one-on-one session. Typical Maggie!

Elsewhere, there is a new podcast called “Exonerated” that is a sexy crime thriller taking over everyone’s lives ⁠— especially Liza and Kelsey’s. Professionally, the pair have a meeting with alleged killer from the “Exonerated” podcast, Audrey Colbert (Willa Fitzgerald). Redmond accepts their verbal offer to help turn Audrey’s killer persona around by allowing her the opportunity to write her own story and control her narrative. While fans of the podcast are only interested in the sexy and murderous parts of her story, she wants an opportunity to clear her name and not be seen as a villain. Share what the podcast doesn’t. Personally, Liza is so intrigued with this podcast, that she and Charles begin to reenact the podcast in the place where it took place.

Zane and Kelsey are still doing their cat-and-mouse back and forth. Zane is still wildly secretive about what his new job is and Kelsey is celebrating getting the crime book of the century at least she things. Diana comes into work injured from her women’s group Pilates class and heard that Audrey Colbert is pitching half the major houses in town, this of course means that Liza and Kelsey have lost the bid!

Quinn is back in the office since her book, Claw, has been on the best seller list for three weeks straight. Generating a wild amount of buzz on Twitter, people become suspicious and notice that Chinese bots are responsible for the majority of the book’s buzz. When Kelsey confronts Quinn, she first denies any wrongdoing in the success of her book. Redman and Audrey pull out of their verbal agreement with Empirical as a result, and Quinn’s damage extends beyond Twitter. She finally confesses that she did what she had to do in order to create buzz before her Senate run.

Since Quinn is so concerned with having her bid announced, she blackmails Kelsey. Her book is generating a ton of money for the publishing house, so Kelsey agrees to moderate a Q&A with Quinn. But when an audience member asks specifically if the numbers are padded and the publishing house bought their own copies of Claw, Quinn throws Kelsey under the bus. In return, Kelsey announces Quinn’s run for Senate! Check and mate.

What were those papers that that Liza found on Charles’s desk? Why is he moving funds so mysteriously? I think it has something to do with Aubrey Colbert.  Tell me your thoughts! Will Liza come clean to Kelsey with what she knows? Guess we’ll find out next episode!


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