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Grey’s Anatomy 15x22 Review: “Head Over High Heels” (Overexposed) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Head Over High Heels”
Original Airdate: April 18, 2019

Whether it was a weakness or strength, most of the characters on Grey’s Anatomy found themselves overexposed in the latest episode of the medical drama. Jo continues to cope poorly with meeting her birth mother, while the love pentagon of Owen, Amelia, Teddy, Link, and Koracick gets a peek under the hood. Meredith and DeLuca deal with two surprising situations, and Nico and Schmitt have their first really big fight.


Once again, there were a lot of moving parts in the latest episode. The ongoing storyline of Jo trying to come to terms with the truth she learned from her birth mother still weighs heavily over the entire episode because she refuses to discuss it. She claims she needs more time to process things before talking about it, but Jo is more than likely stalling until she makes a decision on whether she runs away again or gets help.

Jo finally decides to live a little and shows up for work after taking at least a week off. She’s clearly not doing any better, considering that she shows up drunk and with a thermos full of alcohol. Jackson tries to get through to Jo by inviting her to help him with his spray-on skin project. Jo tells Jackson that he was right about not digging up the past, but she refuses to tell him anything further than that she made a mistake by seeking out her mother. Jackson tries his hand at giving her the wake-up call she needs by letting her know that he knew she showed up to work drunk and threatens to have her fired if it ever happens again. Jackson does tell Alex off-screen that Jo was drunk at work because Alex is in a real mood when he gets home. The inevitable fight between Jo and Alex occurs, and Alex is worried that he is going to have another situation on his hands. The newlyweds are not in the best place at the end of the episode, and it doesn’t seem like things are going to change anytime soon.

Richard also finds himself in a pickle when an old friend, Jemma, from AA winds up in the ER with a stiletto sticking out of her chest. Jemma has fallen off the wagon since their shared sponsor, Olive, passed away. Richard wants to help Jemma get sober, but she wants nothing to do with him. Jemma doesn’t even want Richard to help on her case, but she doesn’t have a choice when Maggie gets called into another surgery, leaving Richard to complete Jemma’s surgery. Jemma isn’t pleased to learn that Richard wound up operating on her, but the two make up when Richard tells her about how he lost it after Olive died too. They bond over his story about destroying a bar with a baseball bat and getting arrested, and it’s nice to see Richard getting a little stability back in his life when it comes to talking about being an alcoholic.


When season fifteen was dubbed “the season of love,” I don’t think any of us imagined that a love pentagon would happen. The relationships between Owen, Amelia, Teddy, Link, and Koracick continue to intersect and cause each person to contemplate where they stand. Owen spends the day at his first therapy session, at Megan’s request. Owen’s therapy session was pretty uncomfortable at times. I don’t know if it was the therapy he was getting or the writing, but something in those scenes was off. Also Owen winds up in a pretty good place following his first session, and it is highly unrealistic that he would be that cured after one session. The only good thing that came out of it was the therapist making Owen realize that he sabotages every decent thing that happens to him.

Amelia and Link appear to be becoming more of a couple and spend the episode working with Koracick using stem cells to treat Kari Donnelly, the woman who was paralyzed in a snowmobiling accident a few episode ago. Amelia and Koracick have a few heart-to-heart conversations about their current relationship statuses and what the future holds. Koracick feels that he and Teddy are in a really good place, but Amelia tells him that he shouldn’t get too invested because she feels it is inevitable that Owen and Teddy will want to get together. She reveals that she still does, and may always, have feelings for Owen but it’s too complicated to try and work things out with him.

Amelia says that she is happier taking the easier option — being with Link — because she is happy and can enjoy herself. She suggests that Koracick not get too infatuated with Teddy because Owen and Teddy still love each other. Koracick doesn’t want to believe Amelia and wants to keep fighting for a future with Teddy, which is really sweet. We unfortunately don’t get to see whether the stem cell treatment cured the paralysis, but the ongoing storylines with the patient and the romantic advances should continue to be very entertaining. I also want to take a moment and praise the writers for their brilliant writing for Greg Germann, who plays Koracick. Germann is so wonderful to watch and constantly lightens the mood with his quippy one-liners and sarcasm. They utilize Germann and his character perfectly and deserve some recognition for doing so.


Meredith and DeLuca wind up having a crazy day when they have not one, but two surprises thrown their way. As teased before the episode aired, DeLuca finds himself in an awkward situation when he tries to leave Meredith’s house in the middle of the night, only to be caught in the act by Zola. Meredith has not told her kids about her new relationship with DeLuca yet and feels that she is being forced into telling them now that Zola might know something. She turns to Bailey for advice, since she had to have the same conversation with Tuck when she started seeing Ben. Bailey suggests that Meredith be honest with her kids and tell them that she will be spending more time with DeLuca, but won’t be taking time away from them. Meredith is worried about what her kids will think, so DeLuca reassures her that he loves kids and kids love him.

DeLuca finds himself in another odd situation when he takes on a case from the ER. His new patient is complaining of intestinal distress and thinks that she has a bowel obstruction, based on previously having several. While the woman is getting an MRI, DeLuca has Meredith stop by for a consultation because he thinks that his patient’s bowel might be perforated and require surgery. The two doctors are shocked to discover that the scans show that the patient is pregnant and crowning. Turns out, the patient didn’t even know that she was pregnant and Bailey comes to help and sees on the images that the patient has two uteri and is pregnant in only one. This super interesting case gets quickly thrown to the sidelines and doesn’t get any attention once Meredith delivers the baby. It was odd that a rare medical condition was revealed, only to not be discussed in full.


The saddest plot of the episode focuses on the aftermath of a complex surgery. Nico divulges to the audience for the first time that his fellowship year is almost up and that he is looking for permanent positions across the country, much to the chagrin of Schmitt, who wants his boyfriend to stay in Seattle. Top hospitals and sports teams are trying to woo Nico, which has gotten his confidence level pretty high. Nico has Schmitt assist him on a difficult surgery to fix a young man’s fractured vertebrae. The surgery seems to be a huge success, but a post-op complication occurs when the patient collapses after standing up.

Nico brings Maggie onto the case when he realizes that the patient’s heart has a problem. Unfortunately, they are unable to save the patient, who dies in surgery. Nico is pretty shaken up about his mistake and goes off on Schmitt about how he isn’t like him and never fails. Schmitt is hurt by Nico’s words, and I’m hoping the incident will take Nico’s ego down a notch. However, this actually turns out to be setting up the big Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 crossover that airs on May 2. At the end of the April 18 episode of Station 19, Schmitt is at a flower shop looking to buy apology flowers for Nico when he bumps into Station 19’s Chief Ripley, who doesn’t look like he’s feeling well. Ripley leaves the shop before Schmitt, and Schmitt finds Ripley face-down on the pavement on his way out the door. It seems like Schmitt will have a big part to play in the crossover.


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