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Blindspot 4x02 Review: "My Art Project" (Cracks) [Contributor: Jen]

"My Art Project"
Original Airdate: October 19, 2018

Blindspot often packs so much action and answers into their premiere, midseason finale, and finale that the episodes in between don't have enough to do. This problem has plagued previous seasons, and it seems season four will be much of the same. We slug our way through "My Art Project," but it is so boring.


The case of the week is fairly convoluted, even by Blindspot standards, but I'll do my best. Rich realizes one of Jane's tattoos from the Tokyo cache is located inside FBI headquarters on a large piece of artwork depicting the globe. The outline of the tattoos matches the outline of the Tasman Sea. I have no idea what Rich is talking about. I don't see how the outlines match, but whatever. Moving on!

The tattoo leads to a web address (don't ask me how... something about magnetism and numbers). The web address leads to a real address, so Remi and Patterson check it out. They are knocked out by gas and when they awake, they've moved locations.

A man named Jason Stack greets them and claims to be part of the same super secret branch of the NSA that Nas works for — Zero Division. He's running an operation which collects inter-office agency intelligence. The artwork is used as a recruitment technique. If you are smart enough to figure out the puzzle, then you may be the type of agent Slack needs. Yes, this is a ridiculous recruitment method, but just roll with it.

Long story short, Jason Stack does not really work for the NSA. He's a Russian code breaker and spy named Boris Sokolov. He has been leaking American intelligence for years. His family defected to the United States, but Boris believes they are dead.

Team Blindspot is determined to stop him, but Remi has another plan. She believes Sokolov has the locations of FBI black sites, which could lead to Shepherd. When they meet Sokolov again, Remi takes an antidote so she remains conscious while Patterson is knocked out by the gas. She offers him the location of his family in exchange for the USB drive containing the black site locations.

Remi convinces Sokolov to take her hostage by promising that Jane's husband will never shoot if she's in danger. She promises to protect Sokolov once he's taken into FBI custody. Of course, this is all a lie. Remi gives Kurt a nod and he immediately shoots Boris. Now there's no one to tie Remi to the information she stole. More importantly, she has the black site locations which bring her one step closer to Mama Shepherd.


Rich suggests the team could use help analyzing the artwork, so they bring back Boston. Boston is the only one to immediately notice Jane's new look and edgier attitude! Yes, it's all about the hair! She's evil!

At first, Rich is thrilled to be working with his ex-boyfriend again. However, when the team seems to enjoy working with Boston a little too much, Rich's jealousy begins to show. The competitive banter between Boston and Rich is hilarious, but it does expose some warranted uncertainty on Rich's part. There were many times last season when Rich had to prove his loyalty to Team Blindspot. He chose the team time and again.

However, he hasn't received the same kind of confirmation from the team. Bringing in Boston is the only way to do that. I'm not saying the team can't like Boston or enjoy working with him. However, I believe there will come a time when either Kurt, Reade, or Patterson reassures Rich that he is their favorite reformed criminal and no none could take his place. I think the character has earned the reassurance.

Zapata continues to be on her own show and it is a hot mess. Burke informs Tasha that poison is her preferred method of murdering people. She killed her husband Silas the same way. Her smile after sharing this story to Zapata is truly creepy.  Well done, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. You officially gave me the wiggins. It's clear this is not a person Zapata should double cross, which makes her plan to double cross Burke even trickier.

Tasha visits Kira Evans, an associate of Crawford's (played by the woefully-underused Gloria Reuben). She wants all of Crawford's secret files, which Evans eventually hands over. Everything is going all right until Burke shoots Evans point-blank. She casually tells Zapata to clean it up, and now she's an accessory to murder.

Zapata does clean up the murder, but is unable to shoot Evans' little girl who is hiding in the closet. It's good to know Tasha hasn't completely lost her mind. Of course, leaving this loose end untied will only cause more problems with Burke in the future, but it is nice to see Zapata doing the right thing for a change.

Reade, in his infinite wisdom, refuses to believe Tasha went down in Blake's plane — even after Rich confirms she's on the manifest. The CIA is looking for Zapata as well. She hasn't checked in and they are tired of her off-book approach. I'm tired of it too. I have no doubt Reade will piece this all together, but how many felonies Zapata will commit in the meantime remains to be seen.


There was not a lot a movement on the Kurt and Jane front in this episode. Remi continues to pretend to be Jane, and Kurt continues to not figure it out. The worried and doting husband routine is working for now; it's actually really sweet. However, if Blindspot insists on this cat and mouse game between husband and wife for several episodes, it can rapidly make Kurt look like a moron.

There is a crack in the Remi facade though, and Kurt is beginning to notice. He sees her taking pictures of evidence. When Kurt questions Remi about it, she simply explains that she is having difficulty remembering things in the field. Kurt constantly being upset when "Jane" doesn't come to him immediately makes me question if he remembers seasons one through three of Blindspot. You two never tell each other stuff right away. That's how 99% of the drama is created on this show!

Kurt noticing Remi taking pictures isn't the only crack she shows. Remi complains about what a nuisance Kurt will be now that he's back on active duty. She creates a lethal solution she can stab Kurt with, should he figure out Jane isn't Jane. However, Roman — a.k.a. the crazy voice inside Remi's head — wonders if she'll have the strength to kill Kurt Weller. Remi is adamant she hates everything Kurt stands for.

Methinks she doth protest too much! I said in my review last week that I am uncertain how Blindspot is going to play out this Jane/Remi memory cure. Will Kurt be able to get through to Remi, or will he need to wait for the cure? It seems Blindspot is going with the former, which makes for better television. I don't believe Remi hates Kurt as much as she says. Her memories as Jane are still in there and I doubt she'll be able to follow through on killing Kurt. More importantly, if there is an crack inside of Remi where Jane resides, then Kurt will find it.

Stray Thoughts:

  • Rich Dotcom is on fire! Favorite lines: "Before you know it we'll be burning the American flag and eating borscht." "Welcome back Curtis I-Don't-Know-Your-Middle-Name Weller!" "I'm the work wife!"
  • Does Patterson have a storyline this year? So far it seems like no.


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