Sunday, September 2, 2018

Younger 5x12 Recap: “Lizability” (The Big Shake-Up) [Guest Poster: Kay-B]

Original Airdate: August 28, 2018

So just how does this rollercoaster of a season of Younger end? With lots of change, curveballs, and more! Let’s dive in one final time.

Liza is highly sought after this episode, finally taking a chance to go to Plaza Publishing and see the gold that Cheryl Sussman has been offering in person. Cheryl doesn’t just offer her the salary that she deserves and more, but her very own imprint called Chicky, geared toward women. Liza is taken aback — her own imprint and no lies! Yet she still can’t quite cut the cord at Millennial. Why? I mean Millennial and Empirical are truly sinking ships and if they don’t get this investment money, quickly, all will be over!

Meanwhile, Charles is looking for Quinn and she delivers the cash... with a few changes. Millennial will need to become front and center, with Empirical taking a backseat. Kelsey begs Liza to stay at Millennial, but Liza knows that she is truly a liability, and decides to bow out, telling Quinn the news personally. Quinn continues to pry and so Liza confesses that she lied about her age. Quinn says that Liza need not worry (they can spin that lie), and to stay aboard Millennial because it will continue to rise.

And so Liza goes to see Cheryl Sussman and turn down the Chicky opportunity. Cheryl has planned an impromptu party with a lot of the team and does not take Liza’s dismissal well. She responds with her usual blackmail, and exposes Liza and Charles’s personal relationship. Quinn approaches Charles directly and he steps down as the face of the company in order to keep it afloat. Since Millennial will now be the focus, he promotes Kelsey to publisher and takes his seat on the board.

Liza — who you would think has more knowledge of this since she used to work in publishing — has to be told by Diana that this a demotion for Charles. He takes this demotion for him... and Liza. So, will he resent her for this? As they get their happily ever after, they don’t look happy at all. In fact, they look fearful of what’s to come. How long will their relationship last? And will Charles start a new business venture?

Zane, meanwhile, finally confesses that he "used to be" in love with Kelsey. We all know that he still is, but doesn’t want to admit it. With Empirical now taking a backseat in the company, he quits and heads to a new publishing house. Chicky, perhaps? What will happen between him and Kelsey? He hates to lose but I can’t see a relationship that works for both of them, because of the element of competition. Now that Kelsey is publisher, what does that mean for their personal relationship?

Diana, still not being totally honest about her feeling for Enzo or taking their relationship seriously because of his profession, pushes him away when she isn’t concerned or supportive of a huge job opportunity he gets. He warns her that it can be dangerous, but Diana isn’t really listening. Enzo is kind, thoughtful, moved to the city, and treats her how she deserves; yet she still considers this a fling because he’s just a plumber. When Enzo goes missing, Diana rushes to be by his side and she’s the first person he sees when is rescued. Will Diana let go and let herself be free and happy with Enzo?

As for Josh, he and Maggie bond over the potential sperm donor situation that they have found themselves in. Josh asks Lauren to chat so he can decide, but instead, they do a weird ritual to help him see the true desires of his heart. Turns out, Josh doesn’t want to be a sperm donor because he wants to have a baby with the person he loves. That person in his vision is Liza. Maggie totally gets it, but that’s not the biggest shocker — Claire comes to Josh’s apartment very much pregnant! Is it Josh’s baby? I really have no concept of time with this show. Also, she chose not to make the marriage work, but was it because of the baby?

What a ride this season was! There were lots of cliffhangers in that finale though. Will Maggie change her mind about kids? How will the talk between Liza and Diana go when she tells her she isn’t in her 20s? How will Diana handle being passed up for publisher? Did Liza use her Chicky salary as leverage at Millennial? What will the new dynamic be? Shout-out to Kelsey for this crazy amazing promotion! And shout-out to Liza for getting to stay where he heart desires! Until next summer, folks.


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