Monday, August 6, 2018

The Bachelorette 14x11 Roundtable: "She Did the Damn Thing" [Contributors: Kelsey and Alisa]

Well, The Bachelorette has officially ended. And newcomer Kelsey talks about what happened with Alisa.

The last few episodes this season have been a long and arduous journey that came down to Blake and Garrett in the finale. How did you feel about these two men? Did Becca make the correct choice between the two? Who was your ideal man for Becca from her whole season? 

Alisa: Meh. Each season when we get to this point — I’ve moved beyond eager anticipation and investment to numb absorption and apathy. I guess between these two, Garrett was the best choice. Maybe? I mean, he didn’t give off serial killer vibes which was a plus but then, of course, there’s the fact that he’s either a bigot or just a really big dummy (or both). So whatever. Jason was clearly the only worthwhile man to make it to hometowns, but he and Becca looked like siblings and he’s a star who should be crowned the next Bachelor anyway. So for those reasons I’m glad she didn’t pick him (even though he was obviously the best choice).

Kelsey: By the time we were at the last episode, I honestly was so sick of Blake (and not really endeared at all to Garrett). Blake seemed whiny and insecure at the end, Garrett for me defines “ignorance is bliss” with his apparent lack of brain function. So watching that episode I was praying Becca decided to choose herself and leave this journey single. I knew that was not going to happen, but a girl can dream. Also, I miss Jason.

Jason, Colton, and Blake are now in the running for the next Bachelor, but the producers have been sneaky the past two years about bringing somebody from the past. Who is your ideal next Bachelor? Who would you pick from a past season? 

Alisa: JASON IS THE ONLY ONE WORTHY. Seriously, I’m going to be so pissed if they give the Bachelor title to smarmy Colton, creepy Blake, or some has-been. I’m really concerned because they’ve been sneaking in clips of Ben Higgins and like... why? Unless they’re gearing up to give him a second chance and just please no. Ben seems like a genuinely decent guy but I’d rather watch paint dry than listen to him drone on and on about how he’s unlovable. Give the guy a therapist, not another show.

Kelsey: GIVE ME JASON. GIVE ME WILLS. Those are the two contenders for my heart. Jason seems like a natural choice: sane, smart, lovable. Wills’ wardrobe deserves its own season, let’s be honest. But he was cool, calm, and collected throughout and I’m excited to watch him through Paradise. Please no more Ben Higgins. Nick Viall has too many abs now for my liking, and Peter is never going to agree to do it. No more past losers; give me Becca’s losers.

Bachelor in Paradise begins this week and the previews show possible romance with Kendall and Grocery Store Joe, never-ending drama with Jordan and the Chicken, and trouble in Paradise for Tia and Colton. Who are you most looking forward to seeing in Paradise? Who’s your dream couple? 

Alisa: I’m really rooting for Kendall and Grocery Store Joe! How cute are they?! Jordan will undoubtedly be hilarious and exhausting per usual, the Chicken will be petty and annoying, and I will give the hardest of passes to Tia and Colton. Can they be booted from this franchise already? They so deserve each other, but what did Bachelor Nation ever do to deserve them? Also pretty excited that Kenny and Eric from Rachel’s season will be there, and the lovely Connor from Becca’s season (as long as he brings those glasses with him). Also really hoping Venmo John finds love because he’s adorable.

Kelsey: I’m hopeful for Wills, and while I’m rooting for Joe and Kendall, I’d also LOVE to see Kendall with Wills. Kendall with anyone. More Kendall, please. (Kendall for Bachelorette if this whole Paradise thing doesn’t work out?) Venmo John also seems like a sweet piece of apple pie, so I hope he finds a connection! Also, Bibiana cracks me up so I’ll be looking forward to her commentary throughout the season.


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