Thursday, May 3, 2018

Once Upon A Time 7x19 Review: “Flower Child” (Is it Real?) [Contributor: Julia Siegel]

“Flower Child”
Original Airdate: April 27, 2018

Ever wonder about Gothel’s past? If your answer is yes, then "Flower Child" is the episode for you! While Gothel’s backstory is predictable and dull, the “sleeping” characters back in Seattle are one step closer to learning the truth. It is slightly entertaining to watch the characters struggle with deciding whether to believe in magic and fairytales, but the fourth-to-last episode of the series is lacking in overall content quality. I’m not quite sure that anything actually wound up happening in this episode, yet it appears that most of it will come to a close in the next one.


Apparently, Gothel is a couple-thousand-year-old magical vindictive tree nymph. There was a time when Gothel was slightly younger, more naïve, and went against her mother’s advice of staying away from humans. In a very Cinderella-like situation, Gothel befriends a group of four girls who turn out to be wicked people who want to bully her. Gothel’s reveal of her real self sends the girls into a tizzy, and they destroy Gothel’s home world/nymph paradise. The pleasant Gothel quickly shifts into evil witch mode when she realizes that her family has been killed, and she never turns back on her pledge to destroy humanity and somehow restore her magical land.

This story is so outdated and overused that it really doesn’t have an impact. The only thing it might cause going forward is the restoring of the nymph land, which apparently is in Seattle. Gothel also reveals herself to Tilly and tells her that she is her mother. When Tilly doesn’t quite believe her, Gothel announces that Hook is her father. Tilly does believe that she is Hook’s daughter, but that isn’t enough for either of them to wake up. Gothel wants Tilly’s help in casting a spell to probably bring back the nymph world, but the episode ends before we see the results. So, I guess that will be part of the next episode’s plot, and at least Hook and Tilly are believing in the truth.


Henry and Jacinda have a similar experience in that they too are searching for the truth about what is going on in Seattle. After agreeing that the hospital document saying that Lucy is Henry’s child is real, the pair starts to think that everything in Henry’s book might be real. Henry turns his apartment into a giant think tank to figure out the truth. Meanwhile, Lucy is off making deals with the devil, or Facilier as the show likes to call him. Facilier wants Lucy to bring him an object that represents her parents when they were together in another life. He believes that he can harness magic from said object to reverse the secondary curse on Henry.

While looking through old boxes of stuff, Lucy and Jacinda discover a bag from Granny’s Diner, which Jacinda says she has never seen before. The bag contains the partially broken glass slipper, which makes Jacinda believe even more that she might be from a fairytale. It’s hard to believe that Jacinda had the Cinderella slipper in a box in her closet all these years and didn’t know about it. Lucy brings the slipper and its missing piece to Facilier, who uses the glass to put a spell on Henry. It initially appears that he is telling the truth and has freed Henry from dying when the curse is broken, but when Henry finally kisses Jacinda at the end of the episode, the curse isn’t broken. There are only three episodes left to break the curse and find everyone’s happy endings, so they better get on it quickly!


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