Monday, March 5, 2018

Grey’s Anatomy 14x13 Recap: “You Really Got a Hold on Me” (Welcome to the Team) [Contributr: Julia Siegel]

“You Really Got a Hold on Me”
Original Airdate: March 1, 2018

The moment you have been waiting for is here: it’s crossover week on TGIT! While most people probably weren’t thinking of this week’s Grey’s Anatomy as a big episode, it really is a stepping stone in setting up the new spin-off Station 19, which premieres on March 22nd. Grey’s has been getting viewers ready for Station 19 all season with the gradual transition of Ben from surgical resident to firefighter/paramedic. Now, we finally get a chance to meet the latest TGIT leading female: Andy Herrera.


The majority of the episode focuses on the first official crossover between Grey’s Anatomy and the new leads of Station 19. The fun kicks off with Ben and Andy bringing two young brothers to Grey Sloan via ambulance after rescuing them from a fire. Since the Seattle firefighters are all trained paramedics, there’s no reason why there won’t be a lot of future crossovers. Andy literally jumps right in by going full-on classic Meredith Grey, holding a boy’s abdominal aorta in her hand so he doesn’t bleed out.

Right off the bat, Andy’s attitude stands out. The idea of this episode is to get the audience invested in her and set up character traits. Andy is very brash, bold, and not afraid to get down and dirty. She clearly does whatever it takes to save a life and is very headstrong. Since she is actually holding a life in her hands, Andy gets to scrub into her first surgery and does so without complaint. Much to her dismay, she gets to clamp the boy’s aorta under the instruction of Meredith.

Andy’s success leads to a nice bonding moment between her and Meredith, and it’s easy to see how a mentor relationship can easily form and play out over both shows. Andy even lends another hand and takes the very important phone call from the Spanish doctor who holds the patent for the biopolymer Meredith and Jo need to go forward with their Surgical Innovation Contest project. She nails the pitch and gets Meredith a meeting with the doctor. Meredith and Andy do have good chemistry, which is a good start for Station 19. There should be enough intrigue after Andy’s debut to get avid Grey’s fans to watch the spin-off.


The other big story of the episode is Team No Funding, aka the failed project pitch/team of Alex, Amelia, DeLuca, and Sam. Even though they didn’t receive one of the grants, the team keeps their research going because they are good doctors and don’t want to give up on their patient. Since things aren’t going quite as well as hoped, Amelia phones a friend for some backup. The return of Tom Koracick — the arrogant doctor who excised Amelia’s brain tumor — stirs up some trouble, but it’s just what this down-on-their-luck team needed.

After lots of arguing over methods and who is flirting with whom, Amelia and Tom realize that they need to use multiple lasers at different heat levels to destroy the tumor instead of the skull. They still have a lot of work cut out ahead of them, but this is the only team that seems to have made any progress on their project thus far. Oddly enough, they could wind up the big winners even though they aren’t a part of the contest.

The other interesting thing to watch as the season progresses is the relationships within this group. Sam and DeLuca clearly have lots of unresolved chemistry that will continue at an awkward pace. Amelia and Tom flirt way too much to not eventually shack up together. Alex and Tom have some sort of weird rivalry going. They don’t get along well, which is going to be a problem considering it’s looking like Tom is going to be sticking around to continue working on the project.


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