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The Bachelor 22x08 Roundtable: Home Is Where the Heart Is [Contributors: Alisa, Rebecca, and Chelsea]

As the season winds down, our ladies finally made it to hometowns! Let's see what they had to say about Arie and the remaining girls.

Which hometown date would you like to have been on? Were any just painful to watch? 

Alisa: Tia clearly put her all into her date and was really thoughtful as to what Arie would like and appreciate, so props to her. Racing cars isn’t my thing but if someone put as much thought into a date with me as Tia did for Arie, I’d be all in. Stupid Arie. Kendall’s date terrified me. You wouldn’t find me anywhere near taxidermy, let alone “creating” it with empty animal skins and that Play-Doh looking stuff. Gross.

Rebecca: I agree with Alisa — I’m not a racing person, but she is the only one who incorporated her interests and Arie’s interests into a really special and personalized date. I love Kendall, but she still scares me a little bit. Becca’s family seems really great. Uncle Gary is a delight and I’m so happy that Becca has someone she can turn to as a father figure. I honestly don’t even remember Lauren B.’s date other than that her mother was not here for it, and I was here for that.

Chelsea: Tia obviously wanted to do something with Arie that he thought would be fun but we didn’t really learn a lot about her. We FINALLY saw Kendall’s taxidermy dungeon, and it was an oddly charming date that provided the funniest end-of-show bumper of the season.  Becca’s was a super cute date that was fun and provided time to bond. It’s really the only date of the bunch I would like to go on. I have no recollection of Lauren B.’s date at all — only her quiet, scary family. I’m going to assume it was a boring date, which is painful to me but perfect for Arie!

We got to meet Kylie and Uncle Gary this week. Which family would you want to adopt you? Which one would you avoid at Thanksgiving? 

Alisa: I thought all the families were truly lovely. Uncle Gary was like a big papa bear and it just made my heart happy that he stepped in for Becca like that after her father died. Kylie was so observant and thoughtful in her analysis of Kendall and Arie. She just struck me as really intelligent and level-headed. And can we talk about Lauren’s mom?! Her responding “Hmmm” to everything Arie said was perfection. She was not here for this show or his nonsense. I’d happily be adopted by any of those families.

Rebecca: I wouldn’t mind being adopted by any of the families! They all seem really kind and really care about their sister/daughter/niece/friend etc. who went on the show. As I mentioned above, Uncle Gary seems like a wonderful guy, and I’d love to have him in my own family! Kylie did ask really wonderful questions, ones that I’m surprised no other families thought to ask.

Chelsea: Kylie and Uncle Gary did not disappoint. Kylie asked all the right questions and was trying so hard to protect Kendall from heartbreak. Both twins are so thoughtful and intelligent about this whole process, and I just want to see more of them. But also, the show completely ignored the fact that there were twin sisters named Kendall and Kylie. Not a single Kardashian joke, and that has to be the most shocking thing all season.

I really did love Becca’s family, but they really seemed a lot like my own — tough exterior but really laid back once you get comfortable with them. And Becca’s mom is so lovely and I want her to be my champion forever. Lauren B.’s family just scared me but I LOVED that her mother was not here for any of this reality show nonsense.

Were you surprised to see Tia leave this week? Do you think she’ll be the next Bachelorette? If not her, than who? 

Alisa: I was really surprised that Tia left! I thought for sure Kendall would be going home after the taxidermy date, especially when the only thing Arie could think to say about her was that she is “quirky.” I swear, if I had to listen to him pronounce it “cork-ee” one more time, I would’ve thrown something. As for next Bachelorette, I just have this feeling that Becca is going to get that title. She’s such a super sweet, bland vanilla, and I think after so much pushback on the last two Bachelor choices, the producers are looking for an easy (albeit boring) win.

Rebecca: I was certain Kendall would go home as well! I thought Tia would make it to the final two. I would love to see a Tia Bachelorette, but I think it will be Becca, too. I feel bad for anyone who gets selected though because they have to follow Rachel, who is objectively the best one the show has ever had.

Chelsea: I really thought Kendall would be going home after hometowns and was a little shocked it turned out to be Tia. I think Tia is really gunning to be Bachelorette at this point but I don’t think she’s a lock. Maybe because I think she’d be more fun in Paradise and don’t really want her to have that position. My personal favorites in no particular order are Kendall, Becca, Bibiana, Caroline, Seinne, or Stassi. There are a lot of great options this year, but I think Becca will get it in the end.

Women Tell All is this Sunday! Who are you excited to see return? Who do you want to confront Arie? Are we going to have to revisit the Krystal of it all? 

Alisa: Ugh, I’m so over Krystal. I feel like she’s just going to dredge up all the same old tired stuff. She’s not original with her villainy. I really want to see Caroline back and I hope they seat her next to Tia so we can get them playing off each other. I also hope Seinne and Jacquelyn let Arie have it about being scared of smart women. I don’t remember anyone else. But it should definitely be fun and drama-filled whoever shows up!

Rebecca: I’m ready to see Bibiana! I thought she was fabulous in Winter Games and I hope she shows up for Women Tell All. I also hope Seinne and Jacquelyn drag Arie — I wouldn’t be mad if the whole show turned into an Arie roast session. Agreeing with Alisa about Krystal: she really is just obnoxious at this point and she’s not going to say anything we haven’t already listened to 400 times already.

Chelsea: I’m with Alisa on seating Caroline next to Tia. I fell in love with them during that dumb wilderness date. I’ve seen previews of Caroline yelling at both Arie and Krystal, so I’m glad my favorite is getting some time to shine. As much as I hate that we have to revisit Krystal, the preview showed her not using her high-pitched baby voice, and I am ready for that mess. It’s gonna be fabulous. Then I just want Bibiana to gush about how great her Winter Games was and how much better her life is without Arie.

And now, the Bachelor Fantasy League standings:

  • Chelsea: 420 points
  • Alisa: 320 points
  • Rebecca: 310 points


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