Thursday, April 14, 2016

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 3x22 Recap: “The Bureau” (Doppelgangers Can’t Be Trusted) [Contributor: Alisa Williams]

"The Bureau"
Original Airdate: April 12, 2016

The Nine-Nine continues their hunt to find the dirty agent in the FBI, bring Figgis to justice, and get Pimento back on the team. They make some good headway and even uncover the bad guy behind it all! Let’s discuss how it all went down in this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


Terry discovers a leak in the Nine-Nine. The crime stats that were discussed at last week’s briefing were published by a reporter and Terry’s determined to find out who is behind it. He immediately suspects Hitchcock and Scully, but they deny it. They’re pretty convincing since they have no idea what the crime stats even are. So Terry moves on to accusing Gina. He tells her that he’s sure she didn’t do it on purpose, that she was probably just distracted and left the report on the subway or something. Gina’s understandably insulted and reminds Terry that she’s the only one that’s been helping him try to track down the leak so it’s kind of a jerk move to accuse her.

While Terry hides behind the coffeemaker with binoculars still in search of the leak, Gina figures out who the leak is on her own: Terry. Turns out Terry posted a selfie of him eating yogurt to Twitter last week and the crime stat report was clearly visible in the background. Terry is chagrined. As he should be.


Charles and Amy are still undercover in the prison where Figgis’ sister, Maura, is being held. Charles is a bit distracted because he and Genevieve have decided to adopt a baby and they’re eagerly waiting for the adoption papers to go through. In a moment of excitement, he hugs Amy, and unfortunately Maura sees it. She immediately starts asking Amy about this strange Jewish doctor who seems rather touchy-feely. Amy tries unsuccessfully to shrug it off, but Maura thinks Charles must be a doctor who’s willing to sleep with the inmates and she’s all about that.

Charles isn’t worried. He’s convinced that he can pretend to seduce Maura to keep her from killing him without actually doing anything. His plan fails spectacularly and just as Maura is about to make her move in the romantic arena, Charles gets a call from Genevieve: the adoption papers have gone through! Unfortunately, Maura hears the whole conversation and is now convinced Charles is cheating on her.

After Charles breaks her heart, Maura admits to Amy that she’s had a tough time finding good guys to date. This is exactly what Amy wants to hear because they know Maura has a history of dating men in her brother’s inner circle, and if she tells them what she knows, they’ll be that much closer to finding who’s behind the hit on Pimento. Amy feigns sympathy and is all ears as Maura dishes on Figgis’ mob men.


Meanwhile, Captain Holt has called his friend in the FBI, Bob Anderson, who turns out to be almost an exact clone of Holt. Played by the amazing Dennis Haysbert, Bob talks in the same monotone as Holt, he takes everything literally, and he does not joke around.

Bob helps them figure out how they can break into the FBI and find out more on the scarred agent, who we find out is named Ryan Wheelan.

They plan their break-in down to the letter. Captain Holt will distract the lobby guard by chatting him up about Sex and the City. Gina teaching Holt all about Sex and the City was pretty much one of the best moments of television this season. While Holt discusses the intricacies of the show, Rosa and Jake sneak into the file room to locate more info on Ryan Wheelan.

They find what they need and track him down, only to discover someone has tried to take him out. Fortunately, Wheelan’s not dead and they rush him to the hospital. It’ll be the morning before he’s conscious, so Holt and Bob say they’ll stay through the night and keep an eye on him. Holt dismisses Rosa and Jake, who head to a bar to celebrate finding and apprehending Wheelan. But just as they’re starting to enjoy the night, Amy calls with the info Maura shared. Amy got the name Ryan Wheelan — which they already knew, of course — but she has another name as well: Bob Anderson.

We cut back to Bob and Holt in Wheelan’s hospital room where Bob is holding a gun on Holt. The end!

This was a fantastic episode. Gina teaching Holt about Sex and the City will seriously go down as one of my favorite scenes of all time. And Terry’s hunt for a leak that turns out to be him was pretty great, too. Even though this episode was still technically about Pimento, with the character not actually in the show, it’s gone back to its pre-Pimento wonderfulness.

Bullets on the Bulletin Board:
  • “How dare you bring math into this!”
  • “He once picked up a penny on the street that he then reported on his taxes.” 
  • “I get all my news from a text message chain with my friends.”
  • “Everyone remember what your lint looks like!”
  • “You know what? It’s a pull up. There’s not much to coach here.”
  • “Steve is nothing. No one likes Steve.”
  • “I noticed you two follow each other online.” “Well, he followed me and you know I’m a proud member of team follow-back.”


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