Monday, January 11, 2016

Fashion Moments from the Golden Globes [Contributor: Rae Nudson]

The fashion from the Golden Globes was largely underwhelming — everyone is saving the good stuff for later on in the awards season. A lot of people look good, or great even, but no one reached the level of a Really Big Wow. Here are a few of the fashion moments that were great, bad, and in between.

Dress I wish I could have seen in person

Cate Blanchett did her usual Cate Blanchett thing and turned into a really beautiful lampshade (I mean this as a compliment). I would like to see the pale color in sunlight instead of flashbulb light, and I bet the fringe was gorgeous when she moved. It is still striking as a still photo, but I bet it would have stunned in real life.

Best overall look

There is something not quite right about the bust of this dress. It makes her look a little too weighed down, maybe? I’m not sure I am in love with the cutouts, but her abs look amazing and I don’t think it would work without the cutouts, either. But none of that really matters because Brie Larson looks amazing and it’s all working for her. The styling is great, and her toned down make-up and hair are a great complement to the attention-getting dress. I am only nitpicking because it is so great, and so close to absolute perfection. (“I like sparkles” – my boyfriend’s review.)

Best red

Jennifer Lawrence looks fantastic in red, and she hits it out of the park whenever she wears it. The dress is only okay, but the color is fantastic, and the neckline, necklace, make-up combo makes her beautiful face the focus.

Deepest Vs

Both Jenna Dewan Tatum and Jaimie Alexander wore structured ballgowns with a deep V neckline, and both of them looked fantastic. Both of them are also stars on the rise who continue to do well on the red carpet—keep your eyes out for them in the future.

Best big ballgown

Gina Rodriguez looked amazing in her large, structured Zac Posen. She knows what works on her and she goes for it, which I can appreciate, but I do sometimes wish we’d see her in more bright colors, instead of her usual navies and blacks. If it was a deep emerald, I think it would have elevated this look from really excellent to perfect. (I only nitpick out of love!)

Best green 

Speaking of green, is it just me or do most people who wear green on the red carpet end up looking good? (Remember Angelina at this very award show in 2011 and Julianne Moore at the SAG awards last year?) Rachel Bloom followed their example and came away with a fashion win to match her Golden Globe.

Best example of working it

Taraji P. Henson is so good at wearing dresses and provides so much confidence and attitude (look at her expression), I am confident she would win this category no matter what she was wearing. But it helps that her dress fits perfectly and sets off her fantastic accessories. She worked the cape and worked the dress down the red carpet and into the show, and she looked like she was having the time of her life. That is skill.

Most confusing dress

Kate Hudson’s body looks amazing, of course, but her dress left me a little puzzled. Is it three pieces or one? Why a tube top? Is that collar comfortable? Just... why? We may never know.

Best color combo

Jennifer Lopez’s dress may have a bit too much going on, but the color is perfect and perfectly paired with her lipstick. It also coordinated nicely with the Rock’s suit when they presented together on stage.

Best little black dress

I’m mostly over black lace — I think we’ve had enough see-through dresses for a while — but Caitriona Balfe’s look is elegant, interesting, and unexpected. She took what could have been boring black and made it anything but.

Most inexplicable fashion choice

Quentin Tarantino is a superfamous director who knew he would have a lot of people looking at him even if he didn’t get on stage to accept an award. So why couldn’t he have tucked in his shirt?

What looks did you love? Or love to hate?

All images are courtesy of HollywoodLife.


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