Thursday, February 26, 2015

Suits 4x15 "Intent" (The One You Love Most)

Original Airdate: February 25, 2015

Lately on my favorite television shows, there seems to be one central question being asked: how far would you go to protect the person who means the most to you? In Arrow, it's clear that Oliver would do anything for the person he loves most (his baby sister, Thea). In Suits' penultimate episode of this season, it's extremely evident that Harvey Specter would do anything  in the world to protect Donna and make sure that she is safe. In a lot of ways, Oliver and Harvey are similar -- they're both stubborn, unconventional in their methods, and have difficulty verbally expressing how they feel. That's why Oliver lost Felicity the first time: he couldn't tell her how he felt. He couldn't tell her that she meant so much to him. In "Intent," the same thing almost happens to Harvey. He almost turns around and walks out of Donna's apartment doing the same thing he always does: masking his feelings behind insinuations. Instead, this episode marked a turning point in Harvey and Donna's relationship because I think that the threat of actually losing her hit way too close for comfort this time around.

Matters of the heart don't just fall on Harvey and Donna in "Intent," though. As we know from last week's episode, Jeff broke it off with Jessica, rather angrily. And he did so because she lied to him. Because she's spent their entire relationship lying to him and it doesn't seem to affect her. So in "Intent," Jessica decides to do what she should have done years ago: open herself up. Harvey and Jessica are a lot alike and the parallels in this episode are very subtle but important in terms of their respective relationships.


Since I will spend the majority of this episode discussing the Harvey/Donna story, I'll kick off this review by talking about Jeff and Jessica's relationship. I always think Jessica Pearson is a beautiful, terrifying character. She's gotten to where she is in life by being strong and by making tough decisions. And that's understandable -- to win, she needs to be constantly in battle. But that's also her biggest weakness: the fact that Jessica sees everything in her life through the lens of battle makes it difficult for her to emotionally connect with someone completely. It makes her difficult to be vulnerable because vulnerability in war is what gets you killed.

So Jessica loses Jeff -- a chance at happiness and romance that she's denied herself for so long -- and chooses the firm. She tends to do this a lot, choosing the firm over her personal life. But, again, it's why Jessica still has a firm and why it's successful. She works hard to protect it and the people within it, but that always comes at a price. Every decision requires sacrifice and she sacrificed Jeff to save her own secrets. In "Intent," Jessica has a conversation with her sister, of all people, about her relationship status and her sister encourages her to fight for Jeff. Unless Jessica murdered someone or cheated on Jeff, there is STILL hope. But that hope will require Jessica to do something she has never been able to truly do before: put down her walls.

Jessica and Harvey work so seamlessly together because they're both competitive and headstrong and driven and focused on winning. But that also means they have the tendency to put up walls when it comes to others. I'll talk more about this as it pertained to Harvey, but Jessica is prey to the trap of "emotions make you weak" and that hurts her relationship with Jeff. But she takes her sister's advice and it's amazing and admirable to see Jessica be so vulnerable about how she feels toward Jeff. We so rarely get the chance to watch all of her walls come down, but they did in "Intent" and it was amazing. And I'd like to think that it was spurred not just by her conversation with her sister but by her conversation with Harvey in last week's episode.

Even when Jessica lays her heart on the table in front of Jeff, he chooses to walk away. And that's the most painful thing to watch a character do: open themselves up only to have someone reject them. But I love this progression in Jessica's character. I hope it will encourage her to open her heart more to people in the future and tear down her walls brick by brick. I really do because I want Jessica to be happy. And no one can be happy in a prison.


Before we get to the obvious end of the episode that caused all of us (or maybe that was just me) to swoon a little bit, let's talk about the progression of "Intent" in terms of Harvey and Donna's relationship because it's extremely important (and perhaps even more important than discussing the end of this episode by itself).

Throughout Suits, there are a few universal truths and the most important is that Harvey cares about Donna and will always protect her. That shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, really. Harvey has always done everything within his power to make sure that Donna is okay. He wouldn't take the job at the firm without her. Because she means more to him than pretty much anyone else in this world, and not just in a romantic sense (though that is a giant component). Donna Paulsen has always been there for Harvey. She's the one person in his life who's unafraid to call him out on when he's being dumb or when he's wrong. Not a lot of people have the ability to go toe-to-toe with Harvey Specter inside or outside of the courtroom, but Donna is one of them. She knows him better than he knows himself and that's why she is able to call him out when he's wrong -- they're so intimately connected that way. A way that -- in fact -- Harvey references in this episode (he basically tells Donna that protecting her is the same thing as protecting himself).

So when Donna is charged with felony fraud in "Intent," it's obvious that Harvey will do absolutely whatever he can in order to keep Donna out of jail. Harvey Specter is a great lawyer. Like, a really great lawyer. Unfortunately for him, he's also really egotistical. And his ego can get him into trouble, like it does with Terrence Wolf. Donna, if you recall, lied her way into the file room in order to obtain documents that proved Liberty Rail knew about their faulty parts and changed them weeks after a fatal train accident. Everything is going well because Harvey and Mike realize that without proof of injury, the case wouldn't hold up. And in order for Liberty Rail to win, they would need to explain why the documents were important in the first place. But as the company's lawyer, Evan, points out, the company can prosecute for intent to commit felony fraud. Harvey scoffs at that and notes that Terrence Wolf and the D.A.'s office have never done that before.

Whoops. I guess Harvey shouldn't have said that because Terrence then decides that the first time for everything should start with Donna behind bars. And this is where Donna begins to panic.

Donna Paulsen trusts Harvey. Like, implicitly. She really and truly does. But the problem for her in "Intent" is that when she looks at him during her arraignment, all she sees is a lawyer who has a grudge against Terrence, not someone who actually cares about her. Donna has never asked Harvey to admit that he cares for her, nor has she ever coaxed him into confessing his love for her. All she wants in this episode, though, is for him to stop for just a moment and treat her like the woman he's known for so long and not just like a case to be won. Harvey pauses twice in this episode (three times, if you count the end) in his quest for winning long enough to listen -- really listen -- to Donna.

1) Donna tells Harvey the reason she didn't come to him in the first place. It's this amazing, raw, really powerful and sad moment because she tells him that she was ashamed. And she couldn't go to him because she didn't want to feel that way. She saved the day with the Liberty Rail case and that made her feel useful. It made her feel valuable. She answers phones and schedules appointments and for once, Donna Paulsen was able to be the reason that a case was won. Harvey's face when she tells him that she couldn't tell him the truth because he showed up at her apartment and berated her was so heartbreaking. He didn't remotely ask WHY she did what she did; he just accused her. And that hurt the most.

2) Donna tells Harvey that she needs him to care about her -- about her life and what happens if he doesn't win. This is a really significant turning point in "Intent" because Donna is vocalizing Harvey's worst fear: that he won't be able to figure out a way to keep Donna out of prison. That he will fail her and he will have to watch it happen. Donna is really distressed in this episode because as soon as Harvey takes her case, he's her lawyer. He's all business. And she needs someone to express genuine concern for her, not be cold and distant. Harvey Specter is like that all the time and he snaps at her, telling her that in order to save her, he needs to be at the top of his game and he needs to be focused which means not talking to her. (Because the problem is exactly what I noted above: Harvey is trying to not be distracted by his emotions because they'll cause him to lose.) In order to win, Harvey needs to not think about losing.

But Donna stands her ground and tells him that when Louis found out she was okay, he hugged her. He couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to her and he was relieved because it was a genuine worry that she would go to jail. And that's when Harvey tells Donna what she needs to hear and what has been plaguing him since he took the case: that the thought of her going to prison makes him want to drop to his knees. It is something that literally cripples him. So he chooses to not think about it. He chooses to focus on winning, instead.

And that's really damaging in Donna's eyes because she feels like she's nothing to Harvey when, ironically, the reason that Harvey is keeping her at a distance is because she is EVERYTHING to him.

Harvey constantly tells other people throughout this episode that he cares about Donna. (No, he literally tells everyone in every scene, almost.) And this is so extremely important because she means so much to him that he's willing to put himself on the line for her. He always will. If it's Donna, it's different. He tells Mike this, in a scene that's both heartbreaking and also really telling: when Mike asks Harvey why it's different -- why this case and risking Donna -- is different from all the times he's risked MIKE'S career (and they have been numerous), Harvey tells him simply: "Because she is different." And I think that's significant because Harvey brings that up later in the episode. It's different because Harvey cares about Mike. Heck, he even loves Mike.

But he's not in love with him. He's in love with Donna. And the reason he can't risk her is because he would be risking everything important to him. It makes sense that this episode builds toward a final Harvey/Donna scene after the case is (of course) won by Harvey and the two celebrate at her apartment and reminisce about that god-awful dinner party. It makes sense that after a few glasses of wine, Harvey apologizes for snapping at Donna and Donna apologizes for doubting him. It makes sense that gently, tenderly, sweetly, and softly Harvey tells Donna that he has promised he will never let anything happen to her. Ever. And she doesn't have to be afraid because he will always be there.

And then Harvey tells Donna something which sets into motion the final, cliffhanging moment: he tells her that when other people lose faith in him -- when Jessica doubts him or when Mike yells at him and storms off or when Louis refuses to speak to him -- he can handle it. But with Donna... it's different.

"Intent" is important because it shows us throughout the episode that Harvey tells other people how much he cares for Donna. Mike gets it. The D.A. gets it. Even Evan, the horrible lawyer, gets it. But what's so significant is that this is the first time Harvey tells Donna the same thing, to her face, with no implications. He lets down his walls and when he does, he's the most vulnerable and honest he has ever been in his relationship with Donna. You can see, literally, the tension between them in the moment he quietly tells her that it's different with her and you think -- for a moment -- that they're about to kiss.

But just as quickly as Harvey's walls come down, they're re-constructed. Because that is who Harvey Specter is, right? He keeps telling himself that he can't let someone completely into his life but the truth is that Donna has ALWAYS been there. He's never had to let her in. She's been there all along. And Donna knows Harvey: she knows how one moment he can be vulnerable but that years of failed relationships and broken families have taught him that moments of emotional vulnerability are weakness and that for them, implications are the way things always have to be. He can never explicitly tell her how he feels, because that would complicate things.

So Donna asks Harvey: "why?" And at first, I admit, I was confused because I thought she was referencing the general, broader question of why he cares so much to help her and save her. But she was asking, specifically, about the statement Harvey made before he left. You know, the one dripping with romantic language? And instead of directly answering, he tells her that she already knows the answer to that question. But Donna doesn't want to read into things. She doesn't want to infer. She wants to actually know so that she's not thinking she's crazy.

And then Harvey looks at Donna and tells her for the very first time: "You know I love you, Donna." Then he promptly walks out of the door, leaving Donna and us stunned. The moment in and of itself? It's not extremely romantic because he states it like a fact -- like it's something she already knows. But it's SUCH an important moment because for the first time ever, Harvey didn't skirt around his feelings for her. He told her that what she already believes to be true -- that he loves her -- really is true. And you can tell when Harvey closes the apartment door that it's like a sort of weight has left him and another is preparing to hit him square in the chest because you can't confess something like that for the first time AND THEN JUST WALK OUT OF THE DOOR.

Harvey Specter finally let his guard down in this episode. Why? Because the threat of losing the person he loved most became all too real. He was too close to having to exist in a world that she wasn't in and it terrified him and it humbled him and it made him realize that she needs to know how he really feels and she needs to hear it from him.

The walls came down and now it's up to Harvey to not build them back up again. Maybe he can share notes with Jessica on that one.

And now, bonus points:
  • MVPs are -- without question -- Gabriel Macht and Sarah Rafferty. It's so rare to find such amazing chemistry on television these days, but these two possess that in spades. We're so used to seeing Harvey composed and calculated and driven to fight and so the final scene of this episode was so amazing because he got the opportunity to play how unguarded and vulnerable and honest Harvey is whenever he's with Donna and how much he loves her. Sarah Rafferty is such a stand-out in Suits. Donna Paulsen is an iconic character and that scene where she confesses to Harvey that she feels insecure was SO stunning and strong because we're used to seeing Donna as self-assured and composed that watching her unravel was powerful. And the final scene in the episode? Stellar.
  • "I care about Donna."
  • "You usually jump on the Norma-bashing train like a hobo in a 1940's cartoon."
  • Louis/Donna scenes in this episode were outstanding and I love that he hugged her so genuinely. I'm so glad he trusts her again and that their friendship is restored because their pairing is one of the most underrated and amazing on the series.
  • "I care about this woman."
  • I love how Mike just KNOWS throughout the episode that he's being Harvey's punching bag because every time he says how Donna is different, you can just see in Mike's face that he understands completely.
  • "Because SHE'S different."
  • "Donna, the thought of you going to prison makes me want to drop to my knees." I tweeted "HOLY CRAP" right after that because it was the first time in this entire episode (and maybe series) that Harvey verbally expressed how much losing Donna would affect him.
  • "That's obstruction of justice." "That's not my problem."
  • "If I had to do it again, I'd do it 100 times."
  • "I told you I'd never let anything happen to you. And I won't. Ever. So you don't ever have to feel scared like that again." I mean, come on you guys. COME ON.
  • "Anyone else ever loses faith in me, it doesn't matter. But with you... it's different."
  • The moment Harvey told Donna that he loved her, my jaw actually dropped.
Okay folks, are you ready for the Suits season finale? It's hard to believe that this year is drawing to a close. What do you want to see happen for our favorite characters? And do you think we'll get some resolution on the Harvey/Donna front? Let me know in the comments below. Until then. :)


  1. I still feel like this episode was a dream. It was like Darvey heaven. Basically every single scene was Harvey telling everyone around him that Donna meant everything to him. It was almost scary to see how intense Harvey was about protecting Donna. You really felt that there was not a line he wasn't willing to cross to save her.

    Anyone who watches Suits knows how special the Donna/Harvey relationship is. But its 99% played out under the surface of whatever is happening between them. Its almost always in what isn't being said instead of what is especially with Harvey. But in this episode his panic at the thought of losing her, of her being hurt, made all the subtext come to the fore. Harvey was raw in his emotions this episode. But it seemed like that was mostly with everyone but Donna. With Donna he was still trying to show that strong front. But in that final scene, when she was finally safe, and he was relaxed with a few glasses of wine, Harvey let Donna see it too.

    My jaw still dropped with the I love you. I didn't think he'd actually say it. But the way he dropped it like it was simply one of the known facts of the universe was so perfectly Harvey. Because I think it is simply that for him. It's just an obvious fact of his life. Loving Donna just IS for Harvey.

    I don't know where this will go. But I'm excited to see. Great review of a great episode!!

    1. Rashell: First of all, thank you for your comment! I'm SO glad that after four years of skirting around the idea, we finally got confirmation of what we have already known. And that's the thing, too: it's not like this was a giant revelation but it was so important because it's the first time he has SAID anything. I love that the entire episode (all of Harvey telling everyone else how much he cared about her) built up to that final confession.

      I'm with you, too: I love that Harvey said it matter-of-factly, like she knows how he feels about her but he's never said it aloud before. It was just such an amazing moment and Sarah Rafferty and Gabriel Macht played that confession BEAUTIFULLY.

      Thanks so much for your comment! I can't wait to see what happens in next week's finale. :)

  2. wow, speechless, beautiful review.

    I must confess that now Harvey and Donna are the only reason why I keep watching the show. IMO the show was better in its first seasons.

    But this last episode wow!!. But I am afraid that nothing will change between Harvey and Donna in the future.

    1. Silvia: Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! This episode was definitely a highlight in the season. The past few have been a bit lackluster, i my opinion, but this season has had some stand-out episodes.

      From the promo for the finale, it looks like Donna confronts Harvey on the dropped "I love you" so I hope we get something else to happen there! Thanks again for your comment and for saying such sweet things. :)

    2. I think that part of the reason that Harvey has always kept Donna in a non-romantic box is because, as far as Harvey is concerned, romantic attachments aren't permanent. But his work is. And so, because he can't imagine not having Donna with him, he put her in the "work" box. The one place where he was sure she would always be at his side. But when you're in love with someone, it's very hard to keep them at a professional distance especially in times of great stress. And this episode Harvey was faced with the real possibility that he could lose Donna. Even with all the things he'd done to make sure she was always with him. And I think it just made him need to tell her exactly how much she matters to him. But now, as is always true with Donna, she's not going to just let him put her back in that box. She's going to call him out. The question then is how willing Harvey is to finally take a real risk with his heart.

    3. Rashell: That's exactly what I think happened in "Intent." He realized that the professional and the personal were melding together and that there was a very real potential for him to lose her. He's never had to deal with that before. Even when she got fired, he knew she was still at her apartment. But this was too close to home which is what made him realize what he was willing to do in order to save her. And that's what made him tell her, I think. But yes Donna Paulsen is nothing if not bold and she won't just deal kindly with being brushed aside. I can't wait for that.

  3. My prediction is that Harvey will act like what he said doesn't matter because he wants things to stay the way they are and this will hurt Donna. Donna will quit as Harvey's secretary and go and work with Louis. S5 Mike gets Harvey to hire his former Sidwell Investment secretary who will finally get to say more than just her "Sidwell wants to see you" line. That's how I see this playing out :)

    1. I feel like if Donna quits, couldn't that potentially propel their relationship? Wasn't her deal that she wasn't going to sleep with him because it would complicate their work relationship?

      But I could also see that happening. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine Pearson Specter Litt without Donna being there.

    2. Donna would still be there, but as Louis' secretary. That way, Donna and Harvey's personal relationship wouldn't interfere with their working relationship (or the other way around), and they wouldn't be able to use that as an escuse.

      That's not the way I'd prefer they handled things, but I'm afraid that's a real possibility for the writers.

      Anyway, I'm a different Anonymous from the one above (lol) and, if the show actually chooses that route, I don't think Donna would make the change because she's hurt, but because she sees that' the only way she can properly be in an intimate relationship with Harvey.

    3. Harvey can't be Harvey without Donna. I don't know how he would be ok with another secretary. That's what's so complicated about their relationship. Harvey needs Donna at Pearson, Specter, Litt working at his side. I'm not sure that having her outside of work would be enough for him to be ok with her working for someone else.

      Plus the running Norma joke can never get old. I don't know what they're going to do. But I definitely think some kind of change is coming. And I think it will be both professionally and personally for Harvey and Donna.

    4. Anon 2: Oh that totally makes sense. Though I kind of do love Norma's presence-less presence, it would provide a way for Harvey and Donna to not be working directly together. I think what I would really want for next week is to just watch Donna challenge Harvey and if she DOES leave or leave her position, basically tell him: "The ball is in your court now. Your excuse before was that we worked together, so your move." And I can totally see Donna doing that.

    5. Anon 2 here.

      Rashell, I understand that it would be hard for Harvey, but maybe that's what would force him to act. Or maybe the writers are afraid to screw up the dinamic between the two of them if they try to mantain both work and romantic relationships, so they may try to write "right" only one of them. But that's mere speculation.

      Jennifer, I can see that exact scenario hapenning, and I'd love it!

      About Norma: I love Norma too. She's like an entity on Suits.

      Hum... I don't want to talk about spoilers here, because a lot of people don't like them, but ********* LIGHT SPECULATION WITHOUT MENTIONING EXPLICiT SPOILERS *********** if you see the promo pics for next episode, you'll realize why Norma "leaving" is a possilibity (it may also be something totally different xD).

    6. Anon 2: I think I'm just a little in denial about anything changing for Harvey and Donna at work. I love their working relationship. But if I could get Harvey and Donna at home in exchange, maybe I could deal.

      I definitely think some kind of change is coming. Donna isn't going to let Harvey slide on this one. It's come to Jesus time. And I could see Donna quitting to let Harvey know that if he wants her in his life, then it has to be personal.

      I can't wait for next week!!

    7. I just think faceless presences are so hilarious in TV shows and Louis's hatred of Norma is fantastic.

      I waffle back and forth, you guys, between something changing for Harvey and Donna and not (Aaron Korsh isn't giving me much faith with his tweet about the episode). I sincerely hope they don't backpedal the relationship and I think SOMETHING will be changing in the season finale. It has to, right?

    8. Korsh is evil. Maybe even worse than Marc Guggenheim. Considering that it's been 4 years, and still we have never even seen Donna and Harvey touch each other, it's probably expecting too much to think they'll actually get together. But at least there is no longer a question about Harvey's feelings.

      Some of my favorite scenes in Suits are Louis's recordings to Norma. They are laugh out loud funny. I would be sad to lose that.

    9. YOU WATCH ARROW? YAY! But yes, Guggenheim is a troll a lot of the times. And I mean, I understand his position of not wanting to say that one couple is endgame over another because then you tick off a portion of your fanbase, but still. I think that for Suits, no one is anticipating Harvey and Donna to become like, super grossly lovey-dovey and out of character. All we really want is for them to move forward as characters and grow and, to me at least, that means acknowledging to one another that there are feelings there and figuring out how to deal with them in a mature way.

      RICK HOFFMAN THOUGH. He's such a comedic genius. I always tend to prefer shenanigan!Louis to angry!Louis.

    10. Oh yes, I watch Arrow. It's crazy that I found this site from Suits and not from Arrow, since I'm probably more of an obsessive Arrow watcher. And last Wednesday was such a rough day for Arrow, that the Suits surprise was made even better. I had one ship facing a pretty big blow while this other, that I never expected, had an amazing step forward.

      I absolutely don't expect Harvey and Donna to turn into Rachel and Mike. That would be grossly out of character for both of them. But it was definitely time for them to move toward each other. And I hope that they don't just try to backtrack on that tiny forward movement.

      Louis is one of my absolute favorite things about Suits. He's such a complex character. And I actually wouldn't mind seeing him finally get one up on Harvey. He is actually terrifying when he's angry, so I'm glad that didn't last long when he found out about Mike.

    11. Rashell: That's so funny that you found the site because of Suits and not Arrow! I definitely had some emotional whiplash Wednesday night going from the latter to the former's episodes, haha.

      Oh I agree: I don't think Harvey and Donna will ever turn into Rachel and Mike (also, I don't like Rachel and Mike so that would be the worst thing ever). But I hope that there's some sort of progression or ultimatum. I don't want Donna to eventually back off and pretend like it didn't happen (which she doesn't seem to want to do from the promo).

      Louis is so great. Rick Hoffman did a FABULOUS job this year at portraying every single emotion of Louis's and knocking it out of the park while he did so. I love the dramatic moments but comedic relief!Louis may still be my favorite, haha.

    12. I’ve read some interviews to Suits creator, Aaron Korsch, and it seems to me that he isn’t quite sure about Harvey and Donna being involved in a romantic relationship. So, last week’s episode (though AWESOME!) left me totally clueless on how to understand the last scene. I’m a Darvey shipper so part of me really wants them to be together, but it also depends on how they would treat that relationship. It may ruin everything...

      I found very interesting your theory of Norma’s decease and Donna working for Louis in order to force Harvey to make a move. I didn’t thought of that! You can see in some of the pictures of the season finale, it seems there’s like a funeral or something in the office and Louis is involved so at first I thought it could be for his cat Mikado. But, after reading it, I totally buy your “Norma Theory”  It totally makes sense! If Donna decided to work for Luois, that would force a new dinamic in the Harvey-Donna relationship for sure!

      I can’t wait for the next episode and see the aftermath of Harvey’s “I love you”. I can’t believe it’s the season finale! Which means at least 3 months of no Suits  What I’m I going to do!!

      This season started quite boring, I found the Rachel/logan relationship a total waste of time, and make Suits a soap opera. But when they got rid of Logan it really started to change. And these second-half of the season has been great to watch.

    13. Anna: Oh, show creators are always so horrible when it comes to relationships on their shows. I think that it's dramas, really, that tend to be the worst. And so I take everything Korsch says with a grain of salt.

      But yes, I agree that the season started out quite slow (ugh, I almost forgot about that horrid Logan/Rachel/Mike triangle...) but has really been getting better steadily since then.

  4. You have done an amazing review and you have been so articulate to dwell into the psyche of the Davey relationship with great insight and speculation- Well done.

    I feel that since they have been together for over 12 years, the expression of love may not necessary be romantic as that was a decision they had both made years ago to put that aside. But given how much they know each other and care for each other, it an agape love that borders on the family. Afterall Donna represents for Harvey the female ballast that he never had with his mother???

    1. Harvey may try to play that card to get out of what he said. But that entire episode was one scene after another of Harvey declaring to everyone that Donna is his #1 priority. That scene with Mike, who Harvey clearly loves as family, really sealed it for me. Even Mike got that for Harvey, Donna is on a different level. And the end scene was just the final cap. There is a reason that Harvey knew he had to leave. It was extremely obvious that if he didn't, he was going to kiss her. I almost thought he would. And if Donna hadn't called him out, he would have just left. But that I love you wasn't the kind that you say to your sister or your friend. That was the kind you say to someone you're in love with. I don't think they can try to brush this off as a familial connection.

    2. Thank you, Anon, for your kind words! <3 And didn't that scene feel so natural? Like, it was just a GIVEN that he loved her. He's loved her for a long time but he's finally just said the words.

      And Rashell, you're right: Harvey will probably try to evade the whole confession because that's exactly what he does all the time. And yes, Harvey knew right after he said that with her, it's different, that he was going to kiss her if he didn't leave. You can see him look at her lips. And Donna just wanted clarification that things weren't just in her head and she was making stuff up. But you can tell by her expression that she was NOT expecting for him to drop the L-word on her. Ugh, I just love this whole episode.

  5. I just thought: Really?? 4 seasons and this happens today?? with my arrow adrenaline still kicking??? No way...


    1. Bri: I KNOW, RIGHT? I went from feeling so MEH having watched Ray and Felicity get together and then STARTED FREAKING OUT DURING THE HARVEY/DONNA OF THIS EPISODE. What a whirlwind, lol.

  6. ano 3 here :

    first of all, fantastic review, i love it :) i really hope that the writers won't go in the "i love you like a sister" direction because honestly that would make no sense to me and i think it would ruin the built up and incredibly beautiful last scene of Intent. I really do think that he meant it in a romantic way because come on...he told everyone how different she is and right before he dropped the ILY he said that if anyone else, like anyone else in the world would loose faith in hime he doesn't care. but he would care about her! and yes I too noticed that he was looking at her lips a lot when he said that and the "i should go". I don't expect them to get together right NOW but i think in season 5 that story should develop and we could see them as a couple....i'm just praying for a kiss this wednesday haha how great would that be?

    I have read somewhere that because they work together, their relationship would not work, just like with Jeff and Jessica. I disagree with the Jeff/Jessica and Harvey/Donna comparison. ( and now that we're here also Scottie/Harvey) Donna and Harvey are NOTHING like Jeff and Jessica or even Scottie and Harvey (two relationships where the couple worked together) Donna and Harvey have worked together for years while the other two couples never shared such a deep connection or knew each other for so long or as well as Darvey.

    And come to think of it, the only reason those two couples broke it off is because of Mike's secret. Jessica could not tell Jeff and Harvey could not tell Scottie. But with Donna...she already knows and has protected Harvey and Mike with all her will. She knows everything there is to know about Harvey work wise. There are no secrets between each other and they trust each other more than anything. So I don't think their relationship would be a fail and they could "never go back" because they never would have to. It would work because their relationship is different compared to any other couple on the show, it's stronger. Look at Mike/Rachel..they work together and they are still together because there are no secrets between them. So the working-relationship argument: Irrelevant in my opinion! The way I see it, there is no reason why their working dynamic and trust could not continue once they becaome a couple!!!!! Darvey is endgame

    1. Hello Anon #3! Thank you so much for the compliment about the review. I'm glad you all have seemed to glean a lot from it and enjoy it. I honestly would be extremely disappointed if the writers tried to backpedal or have Harvey backpedal his way out of his confession. That wasn't a sisterly "I love you," because honestly the moment before he left, he was dangerously close to kissing her (which is why he left, I think). And I mean, he spent the entire episode telling EVERY SINGLE PERSON that he cared about Donna and she was "different." I would hate for them to try to make it out to be less than what it actually was. I don't expect them to get together either, but I want Harvey to be happy. And it's extremely evident that Donna is the only person who's ever made him completely happy in his life and they're partners -- he can't be himself without her. I don't need to see them holding hands and being extremely grossly lovey-dovey, because that's not who they are. But can we just like, get a hug or a kiss by the end of the season? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?

      I don't think that it's because they work together that their relationship wouldn't work. Harvey and Donna fight more than the real couples on this show do and they apologize to each other. Donna isn't afraid to call him on his crap and Harvey isn't afraid to apologize when he's wrong to her. They basically act like a married couple already and are probably more functional than most of the real couples, too. Haha. They have a deeper connection than anyone else so I can't see how the writers would mess it up.

      I need them to be endgame, desperately.

    2. Ano #3: i completely agree with you! it's just that those who are not as positive as you and me seem to believe that a couple who works together can't make it. I think that Donna and Harvey could. And i think she loves him too...I mean come on, she has dedicated her entire life to him, she has chosen him over her boyfriends (remember season 2..."Do you love harvey specter?") she spends all her time at the office with him so she has no time to meet someone else and when she actually did try to go out with another man it was a british version of harvey! even though he ended up being an asshole.

      I just feel like Harvey would be scared to start something romantic with her because he probably thinks that if he messes it up ( because you know he sucks at relationships :P ) he would have to live in a world without Donna and he can't imagine that. But I think Donna would expect him to mess up from time to time because she understands and knows him so well. And that's how they would grow together and learn.

      If they do end up together (which i'm sure they will at one point), the writers can either make it one of those relationships that everyone hopes to have where your lover is also your best friend and the person you trust most, or they can ruin the dynamic with useless relationship drama, which in my opinion would be out of character for Donna. Because Donna always confronts Harvey about his bs! So I hope the writers make their relationship beautiful and keep the dynamic because the way i see these two, I just don't understand why a relationship between them would not work out in the end :)

      And YESSS please give us a HUG or a KISS wednesday, I would scream if thats happens hahaha!

    3. just feel like Harvey would be scared to start something romantic with her because he probably thinks that if he messes it up ( because you know he sucks at relationships :P ) he would have to live in a world without Donna and he can't imagine that. But I think Donna would expect him to mess up from time to time because she understands and knows him so well. And that's how they would grow together and learn.

      A thousand times this. There's that trope in television, right? Where like, the man or woman is afraid they'll mess up a relationship and that's the reason for their hesitance? Well, like you said, the beauty is that Donna KNOWS Harvey will screw it up and say something stupid because it's what he always does, but she won't walk away because of it. She hasn't thus far in their relationship so what would make her change that in the future? She knows Harvey better than anyone else in this entire show and I think that if they do pursue something... it's going to be something real and lasting. You know Donna would get frustrated at him but not so frustrated that she would walk away forever. They love and need each other too much for that.

    4. I don't know why but Harvey/Donna make me think of a more serious version of Monica and Chandler from Friends. I know the shows and their relationships are TOTALLY different but I would so see the Harvey/Donna relationship develop like the one of Monica and Chandler because they were best friends also before being together and getting married. Yeah random but ohh well haha :)

  7. Congratulations on your analysis! I hope I knew your blog before... It's not that easy finding "Suits" reviews. Anyway, I'll follow you from now on ;)

    1. Anna: Thank you so much for your compliment and for reading! I'm glad that you enjoyed this review and I definitely hope you stick around and come back for more. :)

  8. I think Gabriel Macht may have been talking about this review in a recent conference call he did with journalists. He talks about reading the comments section of a review and people 'getting it' :D

    ~ original Anonymous @bect83

    1. Um, that's AMAZING. Well, after Wednesday night, I'm going to scan our comments again and see who was right! ;)

  9. IMO I was thinking something along the line of: Norma dies. Donna goes to work for Louis temporarily and she is the one who pushes Harvey away or at least lays the ground rules again. I think he is ready, I can't see him saying "ILU" to any woman (especially Donna!) and not mean it. The way they write Harvey, given his past relationships with Scottie/Zoe or even his mother he doesn't deal well with vocalizing his feelings so for him to say what he said and for him to let his guard down, to do exactly what Donna has been pushing him to do all this time 'fight for what's inside, not just at the office' means everything! It means he is learning and growing up.

    That's why I think she will be the one to down play it. I don't think she is ready or believes Harvey can give her want she wants and that will be her excuse. Everyone was busy asking her if she loves him and she convinced herself that she doesn't in a romantic sense. No one took the time to ask Harvey if he loved Donna. It'll would almost be a role reversal, he'll want more this time and she will be the one that can't deal with the emotions. I could see a temporary separation being the thing that will bring them together.

    Anyway, regardless of what happens on Wednesday, these two better be endgame or I'll riot!

    1. MelMel: Thanks for your comment and for your speculation! I can see Donna pushing Harvey away, but it looks like from the promo she actually confronts him -- she doesn't seem to be letting him get off the hook. So I'm interested to see what, exactly, happens after that conversation as a result. I do think the common speculation is that Norma dies and given Louis's "Harvey is lucky to have you" remark and Harvey's "I love you," it's definitely looking plausible (and a general consensus around here, haha) that she will work as his secretary instead.

      Regardless, I'm interested to see how this finale plays out on Wednesday!

  10. Tomorrow is the big day!! I'm still rolling my eyes at Aaron Korsh's take on the ILY scene. Yeah, Harvey totes loves Donna like a big brother. Yes, I typed that in the sarcasm font. You can't love someone in the platonic sense if you've slept with them. And considering Korsh says that they considered having the two have sex again in one of the earlier versions of the episode, I'm going to call bullsh!t. Still I'm ready to see where this goes even if it's not in the direction of them getting together. I never imagined that we'd get all we did in this episode, so I'll take what's given and try to be grateful. But gracious sometimes I wish show runners just wouldn't talk about their own shows.

    1. I don't know if you watch Community, but I'm having some serious Jeff/Annie flashbacks here. The exact same thing happened in that show where the writers were like "THIS SCENE WAS NOT MEANT TO BE ROMANTIC." Meanwhile, this is the scene in question ( + WHICH IS EXTREMELY ROMANTIC.

      I always have a problem with writers and showrunners who tell the audience that a scene is supposed to be read one way when the actors convey a totally different image of that scene. Clearly in both Community and Suits, that WAS a romantic moment. But yeah. Sometimes I think the showrunners are the only ones who don't get it in their own shows.

    2. I don't watch Community, thank goodness it seems. I have a tendency to pick the most painful, and non-cannon, ships. For heaven sake the name of the episode is The One You Love Most. Yes, Harvey and Donna have more than just romantic love between them. That's what happens when you've had a relationship that has lasted decades. But it's definitely clear to anyone watching that there is a romantic element between them.

      That scene was either mistakenly acted and directed, or the only person that doesn't understand the implications of every nuance, and the words spoken, during that scene is the EP. Sometimes I think the showrunners deliberately say things to rile the fanbase up. Buzz is buzz, and nothing is better than people talking, and posting, about your show.

    3. Be glad that you don't watch Community. It will only cause you pain in the end when it comes to non-canon ships like Jeff/Annie. (Actually the show really is hilarious and if you just watch the first three seasons, it's really pretty great.)

      Hahahahahaha, the name of the episode is just "Intent." I make subtitles so they're the phrases in parentheses. ;)

      I honestly think that it's just Korsh being blind. Because clearly the acting and directing and GOD THE MUSIC CHOICE FOR THAT SCENE? LOOK UP THE LYRICS. THEY'RE NOT PLATONIC AT ALL. Those things don't scream "platonic" to me. At all. So someone is blinded in this case and my money is not on the actors or director or music director. ;)

    4. LMAO! Well, I think your title is more accurate! Hahaha!

  11. OMG! I just realized that the first scene that we see on the season’s finale promo sure is the first scene of the finale. It’s Harvey leaving Donna’s appartment: you can see that’s the sidewalk outside her appartment and he’s wearing the same suits and tie from “I love you” scene. He looks concerned, he might be thinking on the consequences of his statement... Bu the way, did you see the Preview clip showing Harvey and Donna’s first meeting? Looks promising... ;)

    1. I TOTALLY DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE THAT. But I think you're right, ahhh.

      And yes, Rashell totally pointed out that article above. So excited to see where this finale takes us. :)

  12. I will be soooo dissapointed if Harvey and Donna don't start a relationship anytime soon. If that I LOVE YOU was not romantic, like 95% of viewers saw it, than I feel like the fans will riot or something. Korsh is so confusing in his interviews and sometimes just plain evil. I know he likes to tease but if they don't explore the Harvey/Donna relationship in a romantic way i believe that to be a very di*k move from the writers, sorry...because of that last scene in Intent. I feel like the show has been loosing it's touch and a Darvey relationship would only help it. I mean TV needs a good strong couple from time to time and Donna and Harvey have to potential to be that. I guess we will have to wait and see tonight but I they play the brother-sister or friends will make A LOT of people unhappy i can guarantee you that. And btw amazing review of intent! Very well written and detailed