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Golden Globes Fashion 2015: The Good, The Bad, and The Meh

Let's all be honest here: we mostly watch awards shows for the fashion and to grumble and complain about the people who SHOULD have won but who won't even be nominated. We enjoy live-tweeting the ceremony and seeing who the hosts make fun of in the audience. And we love watching those elusive movie stars mingle with the lowly peasants of television (kidding... sort of). I love awards season because it provides me with endless opportunities to ogle gowns and envy celebrities for their stylists.

So, below, let's discuss some of the biggest hits and misses of the Golden Globes this year, shall we?

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Anna Kendrick in Monique Lhullier

Anna Kendrick looked like an utter princess in this gown. It fit her perfectly. And given the fact that Anna has a paler skin tone, I didn't think I would like this dress on her as much as I did. It was very ethereal and gorgeous when she walked. The neckline was low but not too low as to distract from the gorgeous young woman's face. I loved (LOVED) the design on this dress, too. And the bust fell perfectly at her natural bust line, also beautifully accented. Her hair was a bit severe for my taste (I would have liked to see her keep on trend with the women who wore their hair down in waves, over their right shoulders), but I loved everything else about this dress on her so I really cannot complain.

Reese Witherspoon in Calvin Klein Collection

I take back what I tweeted last night about being unsure of Reese Witherspoon's choice of dress. Seeing it photographed, it's actually very flattering and stunning on her. She looks especially old Hollywood glam with her hair (perfectly on trend, Reese!) and flawless makeup. Sometimes I harp on celebrities who show up to the red carpet in more understated ensembles -- like Jennifer Aniston -- and are nominated for big awards (like Best Actress in a Drama). But I really did love this whole look that Reese had. I think she made it work because the dress was literally glitzy. If it had been just a solid color (like Amy Adams -- sorry, girl, your dress wasn't exciting enough to land on any lists of mine), I would have probably disregarded it as too plain. But Reese totally looks effortlessly glamorous here.

Emily Blunt in Michael Kors

All the applause to Emily Blunt's stylist because this dress -- and her hair and makeup and jewelry -- absolutely worked for Emily. One of my favorite things is when people pair white ensembles with turquoise jewelry and I have some serious jewelry envy for the earrings she was wearing. The dress flattered her, completely, and showed just enough skin to be tasteful and supportive. Plus, I know Emily also had a child a while ago and the waist of this dress (as well as the loose bottom) absolutely flattered her figure. It hit her in all of the right places. And I loved how Grecian her entire look was. The hair, I think, really tied the whole ensemble together for me, too.

Like, really, Emily Blunt looked like a Greek goddess in this. I usually don't pay too much attention when actresses on the red carpet decide to do the whole Grecian theme, but this one absolutely worked for her. And she looked so comfortable, too! I think that's the most important thing -- she looked happier because she was a lot more comfortable. Emily definitely climbed to the top of my best-dressed list with this.

Emma Stone in Lanvin

I didn't know how I felt about Emma Stone wearing a jumpsuit to the red carpet and I didn't know how I felt about the giant bow in the back and after seeing her photographed, I've decided that I love it. Weird, right? And the thing about bold fashion at an awards show is that you really have to sell it (and ensure that whatever you're wearing boldly actually fits you correctly). This jumpsuit fits Emma Stone exceptionally well. I still don't think I like how it's just a tad too short at the bottom, though. But the embellished top is actually quite lovely. And I don't even hate the bow (at least not in this photograph). I really think that what sells this ensemble is Emma Stone herself, though. I love her hair and I love the minimal jewelry and I love that she's so utterly confident about wearing a jumpsuit to the red carpet. THAT is what sells fashion for me at awards shows. That is why I think I really like this whole outfit. Not because I'm in love with jumpsuits, but because I'm in love with how stunning Emma looks in it and how confidently she wears it.

Allison Williams in Armani PrivĂ©

When I saw Allison Williams arrive in this, I just kept thinking of how it would probably make the top of my best-dressed list. And I still hold fast to that belief, because everything about this ensemble was impeccable: her hair (ON TREND) was glamorous and very chic. I love that since the dress itself was so stunning, Allison went very minimal on the accessories and allowed the dress to be the best accessory of all for her. I usually hate tiered dresses but this one was exceptional and I think it's because there were so many tiers and they were extremely delicate and intricate. Finally, what really sold the whole glamorous ensemble for me (I'm still ogling at the dress though as I type this) was the smoky eye. Not many women on the red carpet this year dared to do a smoky eye but Allison did and it seriously paid off. She looked extremely classy and timeless in this. And I think ensembles like hers harken me back to 1940's Hollywood glamour, which is why I love this whole look so much.

Greer Grammer in Lorena Sarbu

When I saw Greer Grammer in this dress, my jaw may or may not have dropped open slightly. I don't like nude toned dresses (I know this was a blush but when it was photographed in certain light -- as you can see -- it appeared more nude than anything) on pale skin tones (because it usually washes the wearer out), but this one was GORGEOUS. Seriously, the hair? Perfect. The makeup? Flawless. Her jewelry? Delicate and exquisite. And the details on this dress were nothing short of absolutely stunning. She looked so regal and so elegant but this dress worked because it was so age-appropriate, too. It didn't feel like she was playing dress-up. It honestly felt like Greer was wearing the dress that was designed exactly for her.

Seriously, I cannot get over this dress. The detail work alone is completely gorgeous and Greer SHONE in this ensemble.

Gina Rodriguez in Badgley Mischka

First off, let me first say how utterly thrilled I am that Gina Rodriguez won an award for playing Jane Villanueva. If you're not watching Jane the Virgin yet, you really need to be. She's completely and utterly stunning in the show and -- no surprise here -- is stunning in this gown. Again: like Reese Witherspoon I feel like I wouldn't put this ensemble on my best-dressed list if it was worn by anyone else. But Gina rocks this dress and it is perfectly accessorized (I LOVE those drop earrings!) and her hair and makeup were flawless. (Way to be on trend and yet make it your own, Gina, by swooping your hair over your left and not right shoulder.) The sheer bottom of this mermaid-esque dress is utterly beautiful and the neckline is FABULOUS. It's not the most flashy dress but I don't think it needs to be. Like Reese Witherspoon, Gina Rodriguez is the embodiment of old Hollywood glam in this ensemble. Everything about it feels so classy and so effortlessly elegant that I had to put her on my best-dressed list.

Lupita Nyong'o in Giambattista Vall

Lupita looked like an ethereal woodland princess in this dress. The color was GORGEOUS on her and I love that she opted for a looser, less structured dress than she did last year. She looks so beautiful when she's working with clean lines in a dress but Lupita looks equally as beautiful when she is wearing something that makes me think she should be floating through a forest with a crown (that's a compliment, I swear). On other people I feel like I might hate the top of the dress. And honestly, I had to contemplate it for a few moments before watching her move in it. And then I decided that I absolutely loved it. The movement of this dress was PERFECT. And the insanely intricate detail was a work of art, I swear.

That is precisely what Lupita Nyong'o manages to do with her red carpet looks: she takes dresses and wears them and turns them into works of art.


Rosamund Pike in Vera Wang

Look, Rosamund Pike, I know you just had a baby. And seriously kudos to you for just having a baby and still having a really good body. But this dress lands her on the worst-dressed list simply because it was so ill-fitting on her. I understand that when women in Hollywood have babies, there's this expectation that they'll immediately bounce back to their pre-baby body. But that's just not possible for some women (or most women that I know, really). And so, as is ALWAYS the case, you need to dress for your body type. I don't think Rosamund needed to cover up her body but she needed to be in a dress that flattered her new figure, rather than draw attention to it.

This dress could have been saved in two easy steps for me: 1) HIKE IT UP. The woman just had a baby and so she needs extra support in that area. Unfortunately, this dress is backless and low which meant that it's impossible to wear a bra or anything supportive with it. The dress itself is pretty and would be pretty on someone flat-chested or someone with support. Rosamund definitely needed that and as a consequence of her NOT having support, the dress hangs there. 2) Green. The dress needed to be green or something other than white. I just think it would have allowed Rosamund to pop more. But as it was, this dress was so ill-fitting and sad to see her -- a nominee -- in.

Tina Fey (in Antonio Berardi) and Amy Poehler (in... someone help me out)

Okay, I know it's sacrilegious to place the queens in this section of the list but both of these dresses were just not flattering for two extremely gorgeous women. Amy's dress does no favors for her whatsoever. She's not heavy by any means but the ruching on the dress draws attention to her stomach and makes her look wider than she is, not narrower. And though Tina's makeup and hair are pretty flawless, that bubble dress is really unfortunate and makes her look short and disproportionate. I will say though that I'm glad Amy chose the color that she did on the red carpet. I wish Tina would take more colorful risks because she's just too bland in black and white dresses. Spice it up, girl!

Never fear though because though these ladies got their red carpet looks wrong, Amy absolutely nailed the jewel tone dress and necklace combination later on in the evening (jewel tones look AMAZING on Amy, have you all noticed that?) while Tina continued her black-and-white trend (COLOR IS YOUR FRIEND, TINA. COLOR IS YOUR FRIEND.) But later in the show, Amy changed into another blue number (which was stunning) and Tina Fey donned a sparkly tuxedo which the woman absolutely rocked, so thankfully these two queens were redeemed for their poor red carpet choices.

Julianna Margulies in Ulyana Sergeenko

I don't like short dresses on the red carpet. I don't like tea-length dresses on the red carpet. I just think that if you're going to make an effort to go to an awards show, go long gown or go home. Julianna's dress has a few problems for me, apart from the fact that it's short. 1) It's a horrid fabric that looks kind of like the texture and pattern of drapes my family used to have in our home. 2) See that line on the bottom? IT LOOKS LIKE A WRINKLE. I'll never understand why celebrities wear wrinkly dresses on the red carpet. Y'all are rich. (And if it's not a wrinkle and is a seam, I like this dress even less.) 3) The hair and makeup isn't working for me, nor is the necklace. 3) Black and this color (it's red but not... red-red) together is not my favorite thing in the world. It's a bit too harsh for me? Sorry, Julianna, but I just cannot get behind this.

Zosia Mamet in Andrew Gn

Usually Lena Dunham makes my worst-dressed list (her dress wasn't spectacular enough to warrant her landing in any category this year), but instead another Girls star found her way onto my worst-dressed: Zosia Mamet. This dress does absolutely no favors for a girl who is really tiny and doesn't need all of the volume of this dress. First of all, the peplum-like top is weird. And it's weird around the bust and I don't like it. At all. The color, especially, is bland. Secondly, the bottom just does not flatter her well either. And I think one of the main problems I had with this dress is that it looks like it should be in a spring collection (the colors are very Easter-y) instead of at an awards show hosted in January. I don't know, Zosia. I just don't know.

Jennifer Lopez in  Zuhair Murad

JENNIFER LOPEZ, THIS IS NOT THE GRAMMYS. THIS IS THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS. KEEP YOUR HOOCHY DRESSES AT HOME. I think that's my main problem with this, really. I would love to see J.Lo really class up the joint at an awards show like this. If this dress was at The Grammys? Perfect. That's the exact right time and place for her ensemble -- the hair, makeup, and jewelry included. But for an awards ceremony that celebrates television and film? This felt wildly out of place. Granted, Kate Hudson's dress did too (I'll talk about that one momentarily), but J.Lo's ensemble was a bit too loud for this particular ceremony. Dress for the awards show that you're attending, not the one you want to attend. (Though, admittedly, the cape/train-like back of this dress was pretty epic.)


Jennifer Aniston in Saint Laurent

Oh Jennifer Aniston, how I wanted to love whatever you wore on the red carpet. I didn't hate this dress (it fits her well), but I didn't love it. It felt far too muted for an awards show where she was a nominee for Best Actress. I'm not saying Jennifer needs to wear a ballgown or anything, but the entire ensemble felt a lot like something I would see hanging on a rack in Dillard's -- sequined top, fitted middle, slit up the side. There's nothing remarkable in this dress and consequently, there's nothing remarkable about her in the dress. I think that's the problem with awards shows and that's something that actresses need to remember when they're dressing -- if their ensemble isn't memorable or exceptional, they'll literally just fade into it instead of standing out in it. That's unfortunately what happened to Jennifer Aniston in this dress.

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

Let's talk about Kate Hudson for a moment, shall we? The reason that she landed in the "meh" category instead of worst or best-dressed is simply because this dress -- while stunning -- wasn't entirely appropriate for the ceremony she was attending. And she looked very stunning in it (Jennifer Aniston thought so too when they met up on the red carpet), but it's just... not right, I don't think, for an awards show like the Golden Globes. Now, I noted above that J.Lo made worst-dressed because her outfit appeared more Grammys and less Golden Globes-worthy. The only reason Kate Hudson doesn't also make that list is that her entire ensemble isn't as loud (her makeup was muted, her hair was tight, jewelry not as flashy). Still, even though Kate Hudson can rock this dress, the question that should be asked is: "Just because you can wear a dress, does it mean you SHOULD wear it?"

I just didn't care for the dress for the ceremony, even though she is one of the few stars who could pull something like this off with her body type.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Miu Miu

Maggie Gyllenhaal is the literal definition of "meh" in this gown. Color? Meh. Cut? Meh. Length of dress? Meh. Makeup and hair? Meh.

That's really all I have to say about that.

Viola Davis in Donna Karen Atelier

Okay, Viola Davis is beautiful, don't get me wrong. And this color on her? Gorgeous. But the reason the makes the "meh" list is because this dress does absolutely nothing for her. The pattern and cut and material is reminiscent of my senior prom dress (I kid you not) and I just didn't think it to be stunning enough for a woman who's so lovely. It didn't do anything for her and it left me feeling rather unaffected.

Amal Alamuddin-Clooney in Custom Dior

Amal, you're a beautiful woman. Why do you look like you're playing dress-up in your mother's closet with this ensemble? Though it's not bad, per se, it's also not a great choice for the woman. I would love to have seen her wear a bold color (something bright yellow like Leslie Mann wore would have been stunning with her hair and skin tone, don't you think? Or even something metallic? She could pull off metalic) and ditch the gloves (I know she sewed them herself, but no, darling, no) and do something with her hair (up or at least partly up please and thank you) and also ditch that weird train (is it a train if it just goes over your shoulder and isn't a part of the back of the dress? These are things I need to know). Overall, the whole ensemble just did nothing for me and rather muted a beautiful woman.

So there you have it, readers! Do you agree with my choices? Sound off below and let me know who your best and worst-dressed of the Golden Globes were! Until then. :)

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