Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Welcome to the Team, Ann!

Good Wednesday morning, everyone! There are few times at Just About Write where I write a blog post that is more of an announcement than anything else and today is one of those times. I've been doing this whole blogging thing solo now for almost three years. Nearly every review you read, and essentially every thinkpiece or listicle was written and edited solely by me. It's been challenging at times, to say the least, and I've had to forgo writing about certain subjects or covering certain television shows simply because I do not have the time to do it all myself. This year alone, I'll be writing reviews for New Girl, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Suits, and Community (when the latter two return from hiatus). And that's not even in addition to the other posts and articles I'll be working on!

I've wanted to cover The Mindy Project for a while now, honestly, but I just haven't had the time and haven't been able to do it justice. That's where Ann comes in! I met Ann through Tumblr and through this website, too, where she posted articulate and challenging comments. She is an intelligent young woman who thinks about television critically. And that's why I've decided to bring her aboard to review The Mindy Project on a weekly basis, beginning in a few weeks. You've probably seen her defense of Danny Castellano (part 1 | part 2) posted on here and I hope you've gotten the opportunity to read it. As you might surmise, Ann is extremely passionate about the show and watches it more critically than anyone else I know. I'm so excited to have her aboard the team and I hope you all will welcome her warmly!

For a fun introduction, I asked Ann to fill out a little survey about herself, so here it is:

  • Name: Ann
  • Age: 19 years old
  • Occupation: Student
  • Social media: Twitter | Tumblr
  • Current/past fandoms: The Mindy Project; also loves Scrubs, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Archer, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Hannibal (hee hee hee)
  • Current/past ships: Mindy and Danny; Michael and Holly; Jim and Pam; Clark and Lois; Archer and Lana; Chuck and Sarah
  • What made you want to become a writer? I can't say for certain. It chose me? I think I talk enough in real life that I had to find another outlet, haha
  • If you weren't pursuing writing, what would you want to do? I like talking to different people, so I would probably do something like sales. (Or having my own talk show, but I gotta take it one step at a time)
  • Why do you want to write about The Mindy ProjectThe Mindy Project has always been at its strongest, to me, whenever it focuses on the nuances of its two main characters. That is the reason I fell in love with it; Mindy and Danny have natural chemistry, and their relationship has been built in the most realistic and incremental way, more than any other relationship I've ever seen on TV. I also think that the show is strong in knowing its characters very well and being able to draw on past episodes (and foreshadow future ones) aptly. That's why I can't shut up about it; they always give me something to talk about.
  • Any hobbies? Outside of writing about The Mindy Project, I write recreationally. I am also very big on running and am working on learning Spanish. (I also love The Sims, but shhhh)
  • If you had a TARDIS and could travel either to the past or the future, which would you choose and where would you go? I am a simple person! I have no desire to find out answers from the past or future. But, if I had to say, I think I'd do what Owen Wilson did and check out 1920s Paris. Not only do you have the chance to come across a collection of some of the most talented people, you might run across Owen Wilson! What more could you want?
  • Is there anything else you'd like for us to to know about you? I am so excited to be writing for you guys. I love looking at TV analytically and I am always so grateful for how kind you guys have been to me. As a writer, the best compliment I can get is on my writing -- it's a piece of myself that I'm putting out into the void, and your enthusiasm means everything to me because of it. And man, oh man -- are you gonna get a piece of me!!!
Welcome to the team, Ann!


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