Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Top 10 Reasons I'll Miss Ann Perkins (As Told Through GIFs)

I’m still not entirely convinced that my beautiful tropical fish, Ann Perkins, is leaving Parks and Recreation this Thursday. But since it’s actually happening (*cries*), I thought I would put together a little going-away package for our favorite Pawnee nurse/expectant mother. I love Parks and Rec and I have always loved Ann as a character. She’s sweet and na├»ve sometimes, but she’s also witty and snarky. She’s Leslie Knope’s better half (she shares the title with Ben) and has always been there for her best friend, though she hasn’t always done the right thing. Out of all of the characters on the series, I’ve related to Ann the most. She’s had a crazy love life, has been unsure of what she’s doing, but has always had a best friend beside her to pull her through the insanity. She’s been a shoulder to lean on, to cry on, and a ray of sunshine in Pawnee.

As she and Chris depart, let’s relive some of the reasons I’ll miss them most, as expressed through GIFs! (You can find Chris’ post here.) So long, farewell, my cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish. I will always love you.

10. She’s not afraid to boo people or have an unpopular opinion.

Isn’t it great that I can essentially have an Ann Perkins reaction GIF for every circumstance? Ann was never afraid to speak her mind, especially when she was disappointed. This is merely evidence of that fact.

9. Her happy face. 

Nothing makes me happier than when Leslie praises Ann for something wonderful she’s done. You can literally see the brunette’s face light up because she’s so pleased she’s incited THAT reaction from Leslie. Leslie and Ann are simply one of the best friendships to exist on television. They’re supportive, sweet, and caring. But they’re not without faults, and I think it’s wonderful that Parks and Rec was unafraid to explore them calling out each other on their flaws (“The Fight”). They bring out the best in one another – Leslie does help ground Ann, while Ann is a constant source of encouragement to her best friend, no matter how absurd the situation or request (“Ann, I need you to text me every 30 seconds that everything’s gonna be okay.” “Okay.” *phone buzzes* “Thanks Ann!”)

In short, there are few things I’ll miss more than Ann’s lovely face whenever Leslie compliments her.

8. Her dancing. 

Well this one is just self-explanatory.

Look at those sweet dance moves of support with her BFF.

7. She feels the same way about small talk as I do. 


6. Her drunken rantings.

If you weren't already aware, this is probably my favorite Ann Perkins reaction GIF ever.

5. "I want them [Ben and Leslie] to get together. Sue me." 

You know what I love and will miss about Ann? How supportive she was of Ben and Leslie from the beginning. Yes, she mocked Leslie (while drunk) about how slowly she was taking her relationship with Ben, but in this episode ("Road Trip"), Ann was the one to slip a love song into Leslie's playlist. She has wanted them to be together since the beginning and knew that Leslie wouldn't risk her job or Ben's job to make it possible. So, she decided to spur them onward.

And when Leslie called Ann later to express that she was going to kiss Ben, Ann was elated. Because no matter what was currently happening or not happening with Ann's love life, she's always wanted her best friend to be happy. She knew exactly how happy Ben made her and was ecstatic that she would be able to be in a relationship with him. Thanks, Ann, for being awesome and for telling Leslie what she needed to hear, even if you had to tell her what she wanted to hear first.

4. Her devotion to herself.

GPOY, Ann Perkins.


3. … Well, we’ve all done this. 

Ann Perkins is one of the most relatable characters on television and if you don't love her, you're just wrong.

2. Her (not so quick) wit. 

Out of all of the things that our beautiful spinster has said on the series, I feel like her not-so-quick comeback to Chris' compliment ranks as one of the best. Honestly, this is exactly how I respond to compliments, too. I flounder and say stupid things. We're kindred spirits there, Ann.

1. Her thoughts on exercise. 

Ranking as my favorite thing Ann Perkins has ever said in the series, I related to this quote so much (until I started training for half-marathon. Actually, scratch that. I still feel this way most Saturdays when I'm running miles.) when I got back into exercising. There isn't a day that goes by at the gym or during my long runs when I often don't ask myself the same question, Ann.

So there you have it, my dear readers. I am so very sad to see my Ann Perkins leave, but hopefully this little trip down memory lane made you smile. What are some of YOUR favorite Ann moments? What are reasons that you'll miss the beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby?

Hit up the comments to let me know and be sure to watch the farewell to Chris and Ann Thursday night at 8:30 on NBC!


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