Friday, June 21, 2013

Jenn's Pick: 10 "Friends" GIFs That Have Changed My Life

I wish that I had something witty to set this post up with. That I could tell you that I was truly and deeply contemplating the emotional and comedic impact that Friends has had on our society. That I was reveling in the fact that this 90s-00s sitcom changed the way that my generation perceived and consumed television comedy. That I was enraptured with the notion that a show - a franchise - as powerful and long-lasting as Friends has influenced even our social media today.

... The fact of the matter is that I am bored and I love using GIFs to express myself. Quite frequently, my co-workers and I will instant message one another a link to a GIF (and yes, I pronounce it with a soft 'g' like the peanut butter brand, shhhh) that adequately expresses how we feel in that moment. A surprising number of these are Friends-related!

So I thought I'd take inventory of some of my favorite GIFs from one of my favorite shows of all time and let you guys kick back, relax, and re-live some awesome moments in comedy. ;)

10. "I'm Not Even Sorry" (This is just one of my favorite Joey moments. At the end of the day, no matter if you shipped Joey/Rachel or Joey/Phoebe or Joey/Charlie, I think we all know that the OTP of Friends was Joey/food.)

9. "I Regret Nothing" (This is just such a triumphant moment for Joey and Chandler, since they won the girls' apartment in one of the best games ever to be featured on television. Of course, Monica and Rachel eventually - sneakily - get their apartment back, but not before the guys have celebrated.)

8. The One Where Ross is Fine (Ross has never been better than he is in this episode. It's chock full of amazing, high-pitched, drunken moments. But the one line that kicks all of it off is when Ross, who just found out about Joey and Rachel, claims that he is FINE. "I don't know why it's coming out all loud and squeaky." Seriously though, this is an amazing scene so just go watch it in its entirety, will you?)

7. In Which Rachel is Tumblr (Rachel Green, you echo what everyone on Tumblr thinks of Benedict Cumberbatch, those guys from Supernatural, Tom Hiddleston, Joel McHale, and Jake Johnson. You were SO ahead of your time!)

6. "I'm Not So Great at the Advice" (And in that moment, I swear I was Chandler Bing.)

5. The Best Bromance There Is (But seriously, y'all... if you don't love Chandler and Joey as best friends, you don't know what love is. I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you, but you're probably a robot. This hug is still one of my favorite hugging GIFs ever, too.)

4. "I KNOW!" (I didn't realize until recently that I am EXACTLY like Monica Geller when I use the phrase "I know!" And if  you don't read that GIF in her voice, I can't help you. Again, you're probably a robot. Or just don't watch Friends.)

3. "How YOU Doin'?" (Ah, yes. It's the pick-up line that changed the course of television history! Again: it's really difficult for me to read the GIF without hearing Joey Tribbiani's voice in my head, accompanying it. And I think that's exactly what is meant to happen.)

2. "Oh my God, if you say that one more time I'M going to break up with you!" (Because it's not Friends without quoting "We were on a break!")

And the one Friends GIF that has truly changed my life is...

1. "I WANNA GO!" (I use this on a daily basis at work. No, really. I do. And I say it, internally, the exact same way that Joey did during this scene.)

Bonus GIF: 

This is probably my favorite episode of Friends ever ("That's Ms. Chanandler Bong;" "He's a... transpondster!"), and it's definitely Monica's most amazing moment.

So what about you, Friends friends? ;) What are some GIFs that have changed your lives?

... Okay, I should probably stop procrastinating on the New Girl and Community posts now, shouldn't I? I promise that they'll both be up at some point this weekend! Until then, have a great weekend, folks. :)


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