Sunday, February 10, 2013

My "Community" Testimonial

When you give an English major word limits, fun things happen. When you tell me to sum something up in 250 words or less, what I really hear is: “I challenge you to write your feelings in EXACTLY 250 words!” I’ll be honest – I was pretty disheartened about the fact that I couldn’t afford to take off work or drop money on a plane ticket and hotel to spend time across the country at the first ever Community fan convention. So many of my beautiful, wonderful friends were planning to attend and it broke my heart to know that I would be away from them. But then Kim, my beautiful tropical fish, informed me during our daily GChat (we’re productive workers, y’all) that those absent from CommuniCon might still have the opportunity to be heard during a fan testimonial segment. I struggled over what to write for a while.

How do you sum up your friendships, your memories, your joy, your frustrations about a series and all it’s gone through in a few paragraphs? How could I convey the utter joy that has been brought to my life thanks to so many amazing and wonderful people and their kind words and gracious friendships? Was there a way to express my overwhelming gratitude to a creator who read my writing? To a cast who tweets encouragement and support? To writers who make us laugh and who answer our questions and who show us love? Was it even possible, even for me?

The truth, really, is this: you all have changed my life, whether you know it or not. Jaime has become an even closer friend to me (and just when I thought it was impossible to love her any more than I had before!). I have gotten the opportunity to know the amazing woman I’m proud to call one of my close friends, Kim. Then there are people like Shannon, Shanleigh, Kerry, Mary, Chelsea, and Becca – women who make me smile, encourage me, and fill my Twitter timeline with bright things. There are people like Clinton and Mark who are always so incredibly encouraging, especially when I need it. There are superstars like Gillian, Catherine, Sarah, and Jen who lead our fandom into beautiful and wonderful things. There are great people like Sage, Michelle, Kate, Phoebe, Shawn, Jessica, Moff, etc. etc. etc. who I would not be the same without. I just… don’t know how to even formulate sentences that express how much I care about y’all. And I know it sounds silly to say that a television show has done this and I know people might think I’m crazy because I have a horde of Twitter friends who I’ve never actually met in real life but… I don’t care. Maybe I AM crazy but I’d never want to be anything else.

So below is what I came up with and what you heard if you attended CommuniCon today. It’s the most apt way to sum up my ~feels in exactly 250 words. And if I can’t say it today, when can I say it? I love you guys. Whether this is the last season, whether we get six seasons and a movie, or whether we finally meet eight years from now on the Hawthorne Wipe-Out water ride at the Community theme park, know this: you always have been and always will be special to me.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a “community” as… 
You didn’t think I would actually open with that, did you? I’ll attempt not to get too sentimental as I discuss my love for “Community,” but the truth is that I probably will anyway. I cannot help it, frankly, because this show has stolen a bit of my heart. And that bit is something I don’t intend on trying to get back. Because “Community” has done more for me as a writer and person than any show, ever.
These amazing people here – Kim, Shannon, Mary, Shanleigh, Catherine, etc. – and many more not in attendance have truly touched my life. That’s what “Community” has done – it has become an extension of itself, creating bonds between people who would have never been friends otherwise. I cannot properly articulate how this show has spurred me on. How I feel honored, really, to be able to blog and tweet about it. Because no matter what happens, “Community” is OURS – this little, seemingly insignificant show that no other network or the elusive Nielsen unicorn cares about? We do.
To Dan Harmon, to the brilliantly talented writers, actors, and producers who have spent months and years of their lives making this show – please just know this: it was worth it. And there’s a line in the musical Wicked that has always resonated with me: “Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better? But, because I knew you, I have been changed for good.” 
I have. I’ve been changed.

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