Friday, November 9, 2012

Q&A Friday!

Hip, hip, hooray,
it's Q&A Friday!

We'll try something fun this week, since my last post was rather serious and political-heavy. And really, the vast majority of you aren't here for that (and if you are... sorry to disappoint). I thought that this would be a nice replacement for the blog-reviews that I am used to writing up every Friday for Community or other shows. (I swear I'm going to catch up and do some Ben and Kate and Go On reviews eventually!)

So why not just have a fun day where YOU all can participate? You're so used to reading my thoughts and opinions of shows and topics that I choose. This time, it's your turn to ask the questions. The guidelines are relatively simple -- please don't ask anything that is inappropriate. Please do not spam my inbox. Please don't ask for personal details (I won't be giving you my phone number or address, sorry!).

Other than that, you are free to ask about anything you'd like! Ask about the weather, what my favorite class in school was, what the best movie I've watched recently was, or what I'm having for lunch today. You can be as general or specific as you choose. You can ask about involvement in fandoms or what I think about gas prices.

The point is that YOU are in control this week! And, if I have enough questions, I'll try to make this a semi-weekly occurrence. So where do you send these questions? You  have two options -- drop them in the "Ask Me Anything" post, or send them in an e-mail (one e-mail per person, please!) to

Send in your questions all day, and by 5:30PM (EST), if I have received enough questions to do a blog post, I will create one and answer the questions.

Ask away, my darling readers! :)


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