Thursday, November 1, 2012

Top 5 Personal Favorite Posts (Community, Fun Stuff, and... Community)

As we approach the milestone of 20,000 views for this blog (seriously I can't even comprehend that number), I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and talk about some of the posts that I am most proud of over this past year. I've narrowed it down to five (like Kim, I can't resist the call of a "top 5" post), so if you're ready, follow me and we'll discuss some of MY personal favorite blogs, reviews, and musings. :)

#5 - #TheJoelProject

But, let's face it -- Joel deserves SOMETHING for all of the work that he puts into the show (and puts into life in general: being a dad, husband, stand-up comic, host of The Soup, star of Community and movie actor), so we decided that he deserved to have his own award.
Since I don’t live in New York (or even close), I wasn’t able to physically participate in what Kim, Jaime, and I dubbed “The Joel Project.” Nevertheless, they had an amazing time and I, consequently, had an amazing time being a part of their plan. I am so thankful that they were able to give Joel his present, and was honored to be able to write about their adventure in the city! This is one of my less serious or analytical posts, but it was fun to do because I was telling a story, and really, that’s what a writer is all about. ;)

#4 – If “Community” Was a Musical

As a complete lover of everything and anything musical theatre-related, I had fun speculating with others the prospect of a Community Broadway musical. Now, of course, there is about a 99% chance that this would never actually happen. But if it did, it's fun to imagine who would play each of our lovable study group characters.
After massive jet lag from my vacation to Italy, but having missed two weeks’ worth of blog-reviews for Community, I decided I wanted to do SOME sort of post for my readers. A nugget of an idea ran through my mind – the fact that a few weeks prior, friends and I had discussed via Twitter our ideal casting for a Broadway musical of Community.

And, of course, I was hooked. So I chose some of my favorite musical theatre veterans, some Starkids, and a handful of “fresh faces” and cast them in an imaginary version of a Greendale-centered musical.

And it. was. awesome.

#3 – Virtual Systems Analysis (The Psychology of Control)

And I think that she knows that you can try to fix someone all you want, but that doesn't mean they will love you or "work" the way you want them to. People aren't toys or robots. But Annie is hung-up on the notion that if she can teach or "train" Jeff to love her, then she can never feel unloved again. But is that real love? I think that Annie's admission is her coming to accept that people have to find love on their own. And while it seems like she's given up on Jeff coming to that realization on his own as it pertains to her, I think it's refreshing for her to acknowledge that she needs to stop trying to force emotions on people or get them to act a certain way.
In my longest blog post to date at that time (3,189 words), I wrote about Community’s “Virtual Systems Analysis” episode. It was an episode that delved into the psyches of Annie and Abed – it was an episode that attempted to explain exactly WHO these characters were at their cores and why they were so similar. Both felt the unnecessary and compulsive need to control the lives of their friends and people they cared about. Annie did this more unconsciously than Abed, but still, the two were bonded by the notion that they could be better friends and human beings if they learned to stop planning their lives and especially stop trying to make their friends fit into their own plans and scenarios.

It is an episode review that I am quite proud of, because it allowed me to explore a subject I’ve always been fascinated with (the human mind/psychology) and write about a show that I enjoy so much.

#2 – Regional Holiday Music (Better Than Some Journey Medley)

"Regional Holiday Music" is the most bittersweet episode of the season, and perhaps the series in general. Obviously under normal circumstances, we would be lamenting the lack of Community on our televisions, but would know that - come January - the study group would faithfully return to Greendale. Since this is unfortunately not the case this year, it was a dark episode for a lot of us.
One of the darkest times in the Community fandom was when were put on hiatus (the first time). “Regional Holiday Music” aired when my family visited from Pennsylvania for the holidays. I still made time, in between their visit, to watch the episode. I woke up earlier than necessary the following day, in fact, to write the blog-review of the Glee-ful parody.

And honestly, I think I love this review so much because of the sentiment behind it. This episode bonded so many people together – people who, until that point, had merely been acquaintances on social media platforms. Suddenly, we all became something more powerful than that. This episode was the springboard for the “Six Seasons and a Movie” battlecry. And during the following months, we turned that battlecry into something big and brave and awesome.

And I was so proud to have been a part of it.

#1 – Geography of Global Conflict (The Annie of It All)

This season seems to be all about exposing the characters and their wants and their desires moving forward. And to me, that's exactly where this show needs to progress to. I love the group shenanigans that they encounter. I love episodes like "Basic Rocket Science" and "A Fistful of Paintballs." But the hard reality is that they're all learning to address what they've previously buried behind those facades. Because things like that - those fun, awesome moments - are great, but they have to move on. They won't always be able to play a game of paintball or Dungeons & Dragons in order to escape the life that's outside of those four study room walls.
This episode review debuts as my favorite, for VERY sentimental reasons. It was the episode review, after all, that Dan Harmon read and complimented (and will forever, therefore, remain my pride and joy). Furthermore, it is one of my favorite early episodes of season three in terms of a Jeff/Annie dynamic. There’s an understanding in this episode that did not exist before, and a huge step was taken by Jeff when he admitted that he felt something for Annie.

It may not have been my most articulate review overall, but it is one of my favorites because I feel like I really connected with both the A and B storyline and drew the parallel between them quite well. And honestly, this is the review that (I think) sparked a lot of you to actually FIND my blog and begin reading. And for that, I am eternally grateful!

So, there we are. These are some of my favorite blog posts.

What are yours? :)


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