Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Seasons and A Movie Art Show Trailer

Good afternoon, wonderful readers! :)

As many of you know from this post that I did a while ago, the Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show is coming up soon. It'll be this upcoming weekend (June 23rd and 24th) in Los Angeles, California. If you can - in any way - make time to check out this free event and support some amazing artists, all who share a common love of Community, I highly recommend that you do so!

If you can't physically join the event but still want to be kept in the loop about all of the exciting happenings, follow @pixeldripart on Twitter or Feel free to tweet and retweet all about the event to your followers, too! Finally, be sure to check back here on the blog for any news and coverage as I receive it.

Have a wonderful day, Human Beings!



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