Thursday, April 5, 2012

"Love Letter" is available!

Good morning, faithful blog-review readers! If you happen to follow me on Twitter or know me in real-life, you'll know that just recently I self-published my first collection of poetry and short fiction. And it's now available for purchase on :)

I know that I have spent this entire blog-review focusing on Community (I'm excited to watch tonight and write up the review tomorrow!), so this is a bit different because this is a personal collection of my own work. So, should you happen to have $12 to spare (that's just like... giving up a movie ticket, or two Starbucks drinks...), I would love it if you would consider purchasing the book for yourself or someone you know. Normally, I'm not the type of person who is upfront about asking others to support her, but I'm quite proud of the collection - and the fact that it's my first - so I'm shamelessly plugging everywhere!

And seriously, even if you don't buy, just check out the page on and that would make me happy. As always, thank you all for being such wonderful readers. Tomorrow morning, be on the lookout for the blog-review of "Pillows and Blankets." Until then, folks!


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